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Ying-Ying Bird

Affiliated with: Heylin
Introduced in: Bird of Paradise (episode)
Last seen in: Time After Time: Part 2
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The Ying-Ying Bird was a subordinate of Hannibal Roy Bean. The Ying-Ying Bird was a black and red bird that served as Hannibal Roy Bean's messenger and transporter. It disguised itself as a parrot to impersonate the Bird of Paradise, and fooled Jack Spicer, who took it home. When the Moby Morpher was revealed, it stole it and took Jack to the Ying-Yang World to free Hannibal Roy Bean. In addition of being able to pass in and out of the Ying-Yang World at will, Ying-Ying was the only character besides Hannibal Roy Bean who was able to enter or exit the world without losing or gaining chi. This means that the Ying-Ying Bird was pure evil. The Bird also served Hannibal Roy Bean as a spy, using his ability to project images from its memory into open space like a video.


The Ying-Ying bird was pure evil, able to pass in and out of the Ying-Yang world without gaining or losing chi. It was completely loyal to Hannibal Bean and it served him as a way of transportation, a spy or even a bed. Its personality was the opposite of the Bird of Paradise.

Powers and Abilities

  • Portal Creation: It could create a portal pass in and out of the Ying-Yang World or Hannibal's prison.
  • Flight: As it was a bird it could fly and even carry someone on its back.
  • Shapeshifting: It could change its appearance to become like a normal parrot.
  • Memory Projection: It could project images from its memory into open spaces, like a video.


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