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Created by Ricky Spanish
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Launched June 25, 2012
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Xiaolinpedia is a wiki that is hosted by Wikia. It is community-driven, meaning that all of it's content is created by its editors; it's users and admins. Similar in style to Wikipedia, Xiaolinpedia is meant to be an online encyclopedia documenting everything from the Xiaolin universe.

Just like Xiaolinpedia, wikis are online encyclopedias that can be read and edited by anyone. It is handled by its community, more specifically its users, who are in turn handled by their administrators.

Xiaolinpedia is currently the largest Xiaolin Database online.



Xiaolinpedia was created on the 25th of June 2012.

Xiaolinpedia was created by long-time Xiaolin Showdown fan, Ricky Spanish. At its creation, Ricky Spanish intended it to be his own wiki idea for Xiaolin Showdown. Despite this, there were few, if not only Ricky Spanish editing the wiki.

The Preliminary phase

Xiaolin Chronicles


Xiaolinpedia has merged several Xiaolin-focused Wikis together throughout its time to produce the largest Xiaolin franchise database!

Of these wikis, those with the highest activity were:


The responsibility of merging was largely executed by Ricky Spanish, while Wiki relations and representation were later on maintained by TrueThespian.

Layout and Graphics

Wikia default skin and layout, known as Oasis, is used on every wiki and is customised by many admins. On Xiaolinpedia, the logo and background are designed and added by Ricky Spanish. The majority of the CSS is added by Ricky Spanish. Programs often used include Adobe Fireworks CS5 and GIMP. CSS tends to be either written by the user himself or imported from a fellow wiki.