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Drawn To Be Evil is the twentieth episode of Xiaolin Chronicles as well as the 72nd episode in the Xiaolin franchise. It first aired on March 26, 2014.

A young boy named Tiny Sim aspires to become as evil and villainous as his idol, Jack Spicer. Using the Prism of Genesis Shen Gong Wu, he raises an army of demented weasels, becoming the Evil Weaselnator... (more info)

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Please be aware that this wiki is full of spoilers. Read at your own disclosure.

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Kimiko Tohomiko was one of the Xiaolin Monks and the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire. Along with the other warriors, she fought evil and collected Shen Gong Wu around the world. Her Wudai Weapon was the Arrow Sparrow. Being the daughter of gaming tycoon Toshiro Tohomiko, the head of Tohomiko Electronics, she obtained all the latest games and .....(more info)
Omi Head Featured Wu
Black Beetle Scroll
The Black Beetle was a Shen Gong Wu introduced in season 2 of Xiaolin Showdown. When this Shen Gong Wu is activated, it protects the user from the highest of heats. It is impervious to the hottest and coldest of temperatures.(more info)
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Finding Omi
"Finding Omi" is the fortieth episode of Xiaolin Showdown, and the first episode of the third season. With Omi still on Chase Young's side, the others try to figure out how to rescue him without giving up. Chase has the dots that were on Omi's forehead onto his. Master Fung is in a full body cast having been injured after Dojo accidentally pushed him down a hill. Due to the change in Jack Spicer, his act of ....(more info)
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Ultimate Arena Winner:
Last Month: Raimundo vs Wuya winner: Wuya
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"You crossed the wrong bean, when you crossed Hannibal Roy Bean!"―Hannibal Roy Bean

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...that Omi always messes up phrases like "Lets not dilly dally!"?

...that the Xiaolin and Heylin sides are enemies?

...that Raimundo has switched to the Heylin side twice?

...that Dojo gets a craving for Shen Gong Wu every 1500 years?

...that the first and last Xiaolin Showdown were both fought over the Eye of Dashi?

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