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The Fall of Xiaolin
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Tokyo Madness

The Wuzzy Bunny was a mystical Shen Gong Wu.


It was a small staff in the form of a rabbit with its ears twirled up.


The Wuzzy Bunny released a noxious gas that when inhaled, caused the infected to become "woozy." This caused them to be disoriented and lax, impairing their activities. This effect lasts for a few moments, but in rare occurrences, it may last for hours or a day.


Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Chronicles


Xiaolin Chronicles
  • Xiaolin Monks (101: New Monk on the Block - 103: The Fall of Xiaolin)
  • Chase Young (103: The Fall of Xiaolin - 114: Heylin Within)
  • Xiaolin Monks "(114: Heylin Within - )


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