Wuya's Palace was the evil citadel in which Wuya resided while ruling the world.

Wuya's Palace
Xiaolin wuya palace 676x600
Revealed Wu
None; Reversing Mirror Restored
Introduced In Latest Appearance
Days Past Citadel of Doom



Wuya's Palace was a very frightening fortress created out of a mountain formed by Wuya herself. It held all the basics of any monarch's castle, including a throne room, dungeon, and (for Raimundo's sake) recreational areas. It was very gloomy and cold inside, yet it had a hint of architectural magnificence; this location much resembled Wuya's personality. The moon seemed to hang directly above this stronghold. After Raimundo changed his heart and opened Dashi's Magical Puzzle Box, Wuya was defeated and her magic was undone, therefore causing the palace to collapse.


Despite its size, very few people lived in this evil sanctuary.


Wuya throne

Wuya on her throne

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