A Wudai Weapon was a special weapon used only by a Wudai Warrior. Omi used the Shimo Staff, Kimiko Tohomiko used the Arrow Sparrow, Clay Bailey used the Big Bang Meteorang, and Raimundo Pedrosa used the Blade of the Nebula. Obtaining a Wudai Weapon involved going on a Wudai Quest. Master Fung said that one does not choose their Wudai Weapon, but rather the Wudai Weapon chose its user. Wudai Weapons would choose the monk who had just displayed the most skill.

As seen in Xiaolin Chronicles, a Xiaolin Monk, when reaching the rank of a Shoku Warrior, doesn't need his Wudai Weapon any more, and as such he usually combines his power with a selected Shen Gong Wu.

List of Wudai Weapons

Name Picture Ability
Arrow Sparrow
Arrow Sparrow1
Shot fiery metal sparrows into the air which caused explosions.
Big Bang Meteorang
Big Bang Meteorang1
When thrown, it could cut through anything, including stone, rock and metal.
Blade of the Nebula
Blade of the Nebula
When actived turned into powerful, chain nunchucks that had control over wind and gales.
Shimo Staff
Shimo staff
Transformed into any weapon hand to hand combat the user thought up.
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