Time to share some thoughts about the episode "Tigress Woo". I was surprised that nobody share their thoughts about "Heylin Within" in the comments.

I find this episode a slightly emotional one. As we get to see the more vulnerable side of Kimiko. What's strange is that "Mask of the Green Monkey" never said that Tigress is just an alias, but this episode reveals that her name is actually Tomoko. Dojo even develops a crush on Tomoko's pet dinosaur thing. What's more emotional is that Jack (despite his incompetence) almost breaks Kimiko by showing her pictures of her sister giving Chase the Undo Shen-Gong Wu. Fortunately, Tomoko clears it up through a package telling Kimiko about her mission. Maybe we'll see what lead Jack to form an alliance with Chase soon. I'm predicting that Kimiko will become more aggressive when it comes to Tomoko.

And seriously, share your thoughts.

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