Let's share some thoughts about the episode "Rocco".

This is the episode where Master Fung gets a major appearance since the three part pilot. Somehow, Barkley developed a drill sergeant personality on Dojo. And Dojo "reunites" with an old friend of his; Rocco. Reminds me of Chucky-Choo. We even get to see Dojo's childhood, and there could be a dragon village. The Xiaolin Monks actually remember something from XS, The Ying-Yang World, its effects from leaving, and how to stay whole when leaving. For some reason, they renamed this location. But it got a cool looking redesign. Apparently, so did the Chi Monster. What's intriguing is that Chase managed to merge the two Yo-yo's together. The Chi Monster managed to capture Kimiko, Clay, and Raimundo off screen. And that we didn't see Jack back to normal after the showdown. Speaking of showdown, its a mistake for Chase to underestimate zombies.

Since we saw no sign of Hannibal Bean, I assume he's still out there plotting something.

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