Once again, I'm going to share thoughts about the latest episode "Heylin Within".

Jack Spicer has apparently showed more fear towards the cat warriors than before, possibly because of what happened to him in that Princess Kaila episode. I also thought that he's already teenaged in the predecessor show. Unless of course he could be 16 years old in Chronicles considering its set a few years after Showdown. Speaking of Showdown, this episode does have call backs to at least two episodes.

1) That ring that duplicates the user up to 9 copies. But it will also divide his/her strength, as well as parts of the users personality. 2) Ping Pong getting himself trapped in a cage, and trying to trick the monks into freeing him. He even disguised himself as different characters. But unlike Dojo, he gets the colors right. Ultimately, Ping Pong manages to trick Omi by turning himself invisible, so Omi will unlock the cage and enter, while Ping Pong exits and locks Omi in. And Once the monks return, they at first thought that Omi is Ping Pong in disguise for several seconds.

Also it looks like that the monks didn't completely learn their lesson in "Planet of Dragons".

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