Time to share some thoughts about the episode "Heal Me". An episode that focusses on both Dojo and Jack.

The monks get a helmet shaped Shen-Gong Wu, and Jack loses it thanks to his incompetence. He then finds the Reverso Mirror (which Raimundo dropped) and accidently locks his evil half in there. Now that Jack is good, he is gaining followers by helping them find inner peace. Wuya is annoyed by this, since she needs the mirror to get her body back. Dojo feeling dejected, leaves the temple to find himself. He then runs into Good Jack and finds inner peace, thus becoming his follower. The monks realize how much they hurt Dojo's feelings, and set out to find him. Blah, blah, blah. Good Jack gets challenged to a xiaolin showdown, wagering the Reverso Mirror. Also, Wuya needs both the mirror and the Wu that shaped like the Serpents Tail to get her body back. During the showdown, Good Jack gets sealed in the mirror, making Jack evil again. Once the showdown is over, the monks apologize to Dojo for taking him for granted.

I have to admit, Good Jack is even crazier than his evil half. This is also the first episode where Wuya is the main villain. Who would have thought that F-Bot is vulnerable to cold weather?

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