New Monk on the Block:

It was a good episode.Ping-Pong is a cool character.I like him,despite being...well...Omi Jr.I was suspecting something about Willow since the begining.

Now...the voice actors.New,weird,but they do fit the characters.Chase Young...he was way better in XS,for sure.

I give this episode a 8/10

A Girl named Willow:

This episode was most on deciding the new appretince..nothing much to say here.

I give this episode 7/10

The Fall of Xiaolin:

Well now this was a great episode.Despite Chase's horible Lizard Form.

Also...they ruined Chase's character.I mean...he was always with martial arts,not Shen Gong Wu.Why did he suddenly decided to steal them?It's sooo out of character for him.

I give this episode 9/10

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