Hello all, as you know this about Xiaolin Chronicles. I haven't been on this site in a while and I am back because I finally watched the frist three episodes of Xiaolin Chronicles and I have to say somthing so lets get started

Firstly, the intro was...intresting but doesn't quite live up to the original but its acceptable.

Now with the characters.

Omi : Nothing has changed still as loveable as ever, Tara has not lost it.

Raimundo: As said with Omi nothing has changed I think the voice really works.

Clay: ........................................................

Kimiko: Where are her other ten million outfits she usally wheres?

Dojo and Master Fung: Where are you going Master! and do I detect a little romance with that little kiss there Dojo?

Jack: Oh Jackie what have they done to you? And the voice certianly needs some getting used too, but glad your back.

Wuya: The mistress of evil has returned, and have we recovered form villian decay form season three no! Despite been the main real villian in the original consept of the series, Wuya's character has once agian been casted aside. Like the new look though (Human form) the voice sounds better in human form than ghost.

Chase Young: How the mightly have fallen. What on earth was that! He has now become the most animated and watered down character on the show. "I wager my good looks" What! The Chase Young we all know would never say that. He also sounds like he sould be on pokermon.

Shadow: Has good points and bad points, frist of all love the british accent, always makes a good villain.her general behavior suited well as a laccy apperantice or whatever she is supposed to be. Bad points kind of feels that she just a replacment for Wuya in her human form, you know the hole bannter with Chase and the hole touchly, feelly thing with him. Chase Young dosn't need a girlfriend he needs a compitant laccy.

Ping Pong: Someone please explian to me why he's there.

Overall poor show, poor show don't get me wrong I am over the moon the Xiaolin have returned I just think certian things could of been handled better for example, setting Jack and Wuya as propper villians just like in Showdown, tand then introduce Chase and Shadow, I mean we all like Chase but I feel he works better as a sequal villain. Also I do hope in the future they reastabllish Wuya as a major villain, her role as the prinsable villain needs to be restored. Back to the show in regaurd to the CGI showdowns, it does seem abit pointless but aside from that I think the redesigns are pretty good, and I look farword to watching more so what do you think?

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