The news that you've all been waiting for is now starting to leak in.  A channel that the show will air on in America has finally been announced, and a release date window has possibily been narrowed down.  

First, let's talk about what is for certain. 

Disney XD in the US has come onboard French prodco Genao Productions’ animated series Xiaolin Chronicles.

The 26x30’ series is a spin-off from 10-year-old Warner Bros show Xiaolin Showdown.

Genao, part of Lagardère Entertainment, has acquired rights to the franchise and is producing the new show with its American creator, Christy Hui.

The series is being produced in France for Lagardère kids’ channels Gulli and Canal J, where it will launch in the fall, as well as on Cartoon Network international channels in territories excluding the US, where Disney XD has now taken rights.

Genao, which is broadening its scope to include kids and family programming, will also launch an eight-episode breakdance talent show for kids on Canal J this fall.

- C21 Media link

Secondly, a release date window has been given for the show in France.  According to the article below, the show will start sometime in September.  Since the show is being made with English actors, and the show would be completed in full in English before it would be completed in French, I think it would be probable that the American/Canadian/UK release date is around this time as

What do you think of this news?  Are you glad that the information is finally starting to come out?  Discuss in the comments below.

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