Hey Xiaolinpedia, long time no see. I know I haven't been very active and that is because of school, and me working on my own personal projects. Many times before one of the admins of the wiki asked me to make a role play of the Xiaolin series. For those of you who don't know what role play it is. It is playing a role through live action. Like playing a game kind of. Anyway the idea of a role play never got out to any other users, so it wasn't really known. To better explain role play for Xiaolin, you would create your own character and play as him through typing their actions and so on. Anyway I was wondering if any of the users would wanna join something like that. Joining the competition for the Shen Gong Wu while playing as your own unique character. If so comment what you want in the comments or ask for more details. I was just curious because the idea never went through to the public.

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