Before you read this, please be aware that it is just a theory, and may possibly spoil the plotline for Xiaolin Chronicles for any who read it.

I've been really hating on Shadow of late, mainly because I strongly feel that her design is too similar to already existing characters from Xiaolin Showdown.  Specifically Chase Young and Wuya.
From a design stand point, Shadow is basically Wuya's silhouette with Chase's colors.  However, I've been staring at Shadow's 2D Showdown armor rendering (released in the April 16th News Flash), silently fuming, all the while questioning this violet-magenta accent color.  Then I had an epiphany.
Wuya's solidly form has purple trim on her sleeves that is almost the exact, same shade of violet as on Shadow's Showdown armor.  Shadow has the same shapely legs as Wuya, and her upper body proportions are very similar to Wuya, as well.  Both have green eyes.
Looking more at  Shadow's costume, the Taoism insignia on her headband could possiblyy mean that she is an accomplished Tai Chi master, like Chase Young .  She also has Chase Young’s redesigned nose, and thick eyebrows.  Shadow’s eyebrows, however, are more triangular, and reminiscent of Wuya’s pointed brows.  I would even go so far as to guess that the shape of Shadow’s face is the same as Wuya’s.
Because Shadow is such a clear meshing of Chase Young and Wuya I have come to the conclusion that she may quite possibly be their spawn.  This would explain a few things prior to the time skip, while opening up a huge barrel of possibilities for Chronicles.  Now, this is just a theory based on minute artistic details, and I am also interested in hearing a refute.

A small collection of pictoral evidence.

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