The U-Bots are small robots developed by Toshiro Tohomiko that are designed to take on the physical appearance and personality of their owner. They were given to the Xiaolin monks as a gift.


When the monks are in Japan, they visit Toshiro Tohomiko, who gives each of them one of the U-Bots as a gift.

During their visit, Omi-Bot runs off into a restricted area. While Omi is going looking for him, they see Mr. Tohomiko shaking hands with PandaBubba, learning that they are business partners. Later, Omi-Bot witnesses PandaBubba using the Zing Zom-Bone to brainwash Mr. Tohomiko, and records it to show the monks, revealing the nature of their relationship.

After PandaBubba is defeated, Mr. Tohomiko offers the monks an upgrade for the U-Bots, Omi refuses, believing his to be perfect.

They are later stolen by Katnappe and reprogrammed to do her bidding, but thanks to Kimiko, they are returned to the monks' possession.

Powers and Abilities

  • The U-Bots have the ability to take on the appearance and personality of their owner.
  • They can record and playback video.
  • Omi-Bot can perform kung fu like Omi.
  • Clay-Bot has a lasso.
  • Rai-Bot uses girls to distract Raimundo.
  • Kim-Bot uses compliments to get the jump on Kimiko.


Xiaolin Showdown

Season Two

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