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Royal Rumble
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Time After Time: Part I

The Tongue of Saiping was a Shen Gong Wu that allowed communication with animals.


The Tongue of Saiping was a big jewel, as it had a little hole that a string could get into, so that it could be worn on someone's neck. It was golden, red and black. It had a circle in the middle of it. Inside the circle it was the design of a tongue.


When this Shen Gong Wu was activated, it allowed the user to talk to and control any animals they wished.

When this Shen Gong Wu was combined with the Monkey Staff it gave the user the control of an army of green monkeys, but only on the Year of the Monkey.


When the Tongue of Saiping first revealed itself Clay lost it to Tubbimura in a Showdown, but it was soon retrieved by the monks. Jack stole it and used it to control an army of green monkeys. When Giant Spiders were attacking, Omi used it to ask the spiders where their egg chamber was.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown


Xiaolin Showdown
  • Heylin (111: "Royal Rumble")
  • Xiaolin (111: "Royal Rumble" - 207: "Enter the Dragon")
  • Jack Spicer (207: "Enter the Dragon" - 224: "Dangerous Minds")
  • Xiaolin (224: "Dangerous Minds" - 313: "Time After Time: Part II")

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