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Introduced in: Magic Stallion and the Wild Wild West
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Thunderhoof was a magical horse owned by Princess Kaila. It was Clay's present from his grandfather, but Clay gave it to princess Kaila to help her begin her journey.


Season One

Thunderhoof was a magical horse given to Clay by his grandfather. After that Thunderhoof lead the Xiaolin Monks to a village that was under the attck of Chase Young. In the end Thunderhoof was given to Princess Kaila, so that she could begin her own journey.


Thunderhoof was a very loyal horse to his owner. It always tried to do its best to make him/her satisfied.

Physical appearances

It was a light black horse with long light blue hair, while using its powers. When it was not using them, Thunderhoof was yellow and white.

Powers and Weaknesses

  • Rainbow Generation: It could generate a road made of rainbow and use it as a form of transportation.
  • Teleportation: It could teleportate itself to every place it wanted.
  • Lightning Generation: Every time Thunderhoof made an appearance it generated many small lightnings around it.


  • Clay: Thunderhoof had a very special relationship with Clay and it was always loyal to him.
  • Princess Kaila: It is unknown what relationship has been created between princess Kaila and Thunderhoof, but it was very obvious that it wanted to help her with her journey, as it did not refused to leave Clay.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Chronicles


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