• Hey, King Piccolo16. Sorry an answer took so long. This is in reply of your comment on the Xiaolin Times issue from a while back, asking how one can become an administrator.

    To become an administrator, you must be a very dedicated user and be trusted by the community and have a very large amount of mainspace edits. However, we are not currently looking for any more administrators or patrollers at the moment. You are making many great and constructive edits. If you personally feel you deserve it, you may request rollback privileges at Project:Requests for rollback. You should not bring your hopes up though but just keep doing a good job and keep editing.

    闇の千鳥1||貢献10:11, November 24 2012

      Connecting to the Ancient Scrolls Database
    • A Xiaolin contributor
        Connecting to the Ancient Scrolls Database
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