Shen Gong Wu that are only found in the Trading Card Game.

Name Picture Ability
Bear Baton
Bear Baton
The Bear Baton turned the user into a bear-like creature that could attack with super-sharp teeth.
Bubble Brains
Bubble Brains
Bubble Brains granted its user a photographic memory.
Bullhorn Blazer
Bullhorn Blazer
The Bullhorn Blazer was a set of bull horns that could transform into a running bull.
Cube of Haniku
Cube of Haniku
The Cube created ironic situations for all of its user's opponents
Culver Crystal
Culver Crystal1
The Culver Crystal created a glittering and blinding sphere of light that helped its users during escapes.
Da Hippa Hoppa
Da Hippa Hoppa1
Da Hippa Hoppa turned all of its user's speech into rhymes.
Danger Sneakers
Danger Sneakers1
The Danger Sneakers warned its user of of impending danger.
Horde of Haiku
Horde of Haiku1
The Horde of Haiku let its user turn into a cloud of millions of biting insects, which could pass through narrow openings.
Imo Gazer
Imo Gazer1
With just a look, the Imo Gazer let its user instantly put an opponent into a deep sleep.
Indigo Pyramid
Indigo Pyramid
The Indigo Pyramid allowed its user to change an opponent's mind. When combined with the Reversing Mirror it changed the user's mind instead!
Komori Sword
Komori Sword
The Komori Sword let its user hang upside down like a bat and fight well in darkness.
Mask of Rio
Mask of Rio
The Mask of Rio helped its user blend into the surroundings.
Neptune Helmet
Neptune Helmet
The Neptune Helmet let its user create a walking hurricane.
Ninja Sash
Ninja Sash
The Ninja Sash allowed its user to create up to two doubles of themselves.
Pearl of LiBai
Pearl of LiBai1
The Pearl of LiBai made its user's enemies babble poetry nonstop.
Polar Paws
Polar Paws1
Polar Paws turned its user into a polar bear that has the ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures.
Praying Monster
Praying Monster1
The Praying Monster turned into a big like-mantis monster
Rainbow Star
Rainbow Star1
The Rainbow Star turned everyone and everything into a rainbow of colors.
Thorn of Tectonic
Thorn of Thunderbolt
Shot thunderbolts.
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