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Xiaolin Chronicles
Sword of the Storm
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Xiaolin Temple
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New Monk on the Block
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Mi Temple, Mi Casa

The Sword of Lucida was a mystical Shen Gong Wu.


The Sword of Lucida was a gold blade with light blue embellishments and a tassle on the handle.


When this Shen Gong Wu was activated, it could create wind-based attacks and manipulate the air. When combined with Raimundo's Shoku element, its power was increased significantly, able to create more complex air attacks.


Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Chronicles


Xiaolin Chronicles
  • Xiaolin (101: New Monk on the Block - 103: The Fall of Xiaolin)
  • Chase Young (103: The Fall of Xiaolin)
  • Xiaolin (106: Magic Stallion and the Wild Wild West -)


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