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The Spiders were legendary, mystical creatures that once threatened the world.


These creatures were giant spiders that had never-ending appetites and would eat anything—and everything. If unleashed, they would devour everything on earth, and then eat the earth as well. They acted like normal spiders in every other aspect and mannerism. They appeared to live in Atlantis, making that ruined city their nest. They were most protective of their territory.[1]


These spiders looked like normal spiders, despite their large size. They were a copper-brown color with light red spots. They had four black eyes and sharp teeth.[1]


According to Master Fung and his books, these spiders are not good nor evil, simply neutral, though he had hoped they did not exist. However, when Omi used the Tongue of Saiping to communicate with one, they seemed to have evil intentions. They were very organized and dedicated to serving their purpose: eating constantly.[1]

Powers and Abilities

These spiders were very durable, fast, and could spin very strong webs.[1]


The spiders were vulnerable to lava, and if exposed, would become rock-solid.[1]

Episode Appearances


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