Something Jermaine

Something Jermaine.png

Featured Shen Gong Wu: Manchurian Musca, Golden Finger
Main enemy: Chase Young
Editor: Christopher D. Lozinski
Written by: Stephen Sustarsic
Director: Jeff Allen
Producer: Christy Hui
Music: Kevin Manthei
Release details
Season: 2
Episode: 23
Overall: 36
Premiere broadcast: May 14, 2005
Premiere network: Kids' WB
Production code: 223
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"Something Jermaine" is the thirty-sixth episode of Xiaolin Showdown. It was written by Stephen Sustarsic and directed by Jeff Allen. It originally aired in the United States on May 14, 2005.


Jermaine arrives at the temple, having attained the level of Wudai Warrior. When Omi learns that Jermaine trained under the evil Chase Young, he must defeat his friend in a Showdown to save him.


While Omi is annoying everyone with his fancy skills, Jermaine returns and announces that he is a Wudai Warrior, much to Omi's jealousy. At Jack Spicer's lair, Jack recruits Tubbimura, in exchange for high pay, such as his Heli-Bot. Then Dojo Kanojo Cho senses a Shen Gong Wu, the Manchurian Musca. Kimiko Tohomiko asks, "Why would someone want to turn into a fly?!", and Raimundo Pedrosa replies, "To snoop, you know, like a fly on the wall." When the Warriors and Jermaine encounter Jack and Tubbimura, Jack is holding Tubbimura's dog Muffinface. Tubbimura then uses the Mantis Flip Coin to squash Raimundo, Kimiko, and Clay Bailey. Omi and Jermaine are going for the Shen Gong Wu until Jack uses the Tangle Web Comb on Omi giving Jermaine the opportunity to get the Manchurian Musca. Raimundo forces himself to use the Sword of the Storm to stop Jack, then when Omi broke free of the Tangle Web Comb, he uses the Orb of Tornami to boost himself upwards, crashing into Jermaine and knocks down the Manchurian Musca, making it fall into the possession of Jack Spicer. Omi and Jermaine then have a big argument and fall out.

Jermaine and Omi taunt each other by eating food angrily, Dojo then tells a story that almost got Omi and Jermaine to go together, but he ruins it by encouraging their anger. Master Fung recommends they go for a sparring match, much to Kimiko's refusal. Omi is doing well until Jermaine uses Repulse the Monkey, making Jermaine the winner. Then Omi finds Jermaine's leaving, and before he left he asked him "Where did you learn Repulse the Monkey?" Jermaine replies "Just something my master showed me." At Chase Young's Lair, Jack uses the Manchurian Musca to infiltrate Chase's Lair and steal stuff for Tubbimura, but while there Jack sees that Jermaine is sparring with Chase. Chase then says, "In order to become my full apprentice, you need to retrieve the Golden Finger." Jack then goes to the Xiaolin Temple and offers a trade, Clay's hat for the information about Jermaine. Much to Clay's defiance, they accept the trade. The Warriors were shocked to hear the news except for Omi.

While going for the Golden Finger they encounter Chase. Jermaine is going for the Golden Finger and Omi joins the chase. Jermaine then threatens Omi. Omi says that Chase is evil, but he ignores it. The others try to intervene but Chase counters all of their elemental attacks and puts them under a pile of rubble. Jack and Tubbimura approach, but Tubbimura sabotaged his replacement Heli-Bot, then all four of them touch the Golden Finger. Jack uses his tongue to touch the Shen Gong Wu. They begin by facing lions and tigers. All are doing well except Jack who uses the Manchurian Musca to flee but gets hit by a bird. Then it goes to chariot races, Tubbimura uses the Shroud of Shadows to disguise himself. Omi and Jermaine are colliding into each other, then Omi notices Tubbimura has a small piece of himself revealed, Omi then uses the Ruby of Ramses to lift the Shroud of Shadows off him and Jermaine uses the Lasso Boa Boa to throw him out, then it goes to sword battles, then Jermaine corners Omi, but Omi merely throws down his sword and shield, and says that he is his friend and he does not want to hurt him. Jermaine then believes Omi and throws down his own sword and shook hands. The showdown ending in a draw, much to Dojo's and Wuya's disappointment. Jack then demands all his stuff back from Tubbimura otherwise his dog gets dropped from a cliff, Tubbimura then returns his stuff, including Clay's hat. After boasting at Chase for finally losing, Chase says that it was Omi that he was testing all along and Omi passed the test with flying colors. He then flew off.

Jermaine then leaves the Xiaolin Temple and plans if he wants to come back, and then goes back to New York City to think about his choice.

Revealed Shen Gong Wu

Manchurian Musca

ManchurianMuscaNew Main article: Manchurian Musca

The Manchurian Musca is a Shen Gong Wu that turns the user into a fly. It appears to also give them a large craving for honey. It is not permanent as one strong blow or strike may turn the user back to their normal form. It was on a leaf on a tree in a forest

Golden Finger

GoldenFingerNew Main article: Golden Finger

The Golden Finger is a Shen Gong Wu that stops time. It however only stops time around the user, and the user themselves is unaffected. It was on a column in Rome

Shen Gong Wu Tally

Xiaolin Monks

  1. Mantis Flip Coin
  2. Two-Ton Tunic
  3. Eye of Dashi
  4. Third-Arm Sash
  5. Fist of Tebigong
  6. Jetbootsu
  7. Monkey Staff
  8. Tangle Web Comb
  9. Golden Tiger Claws
  10. Changing Chopsticks
  11. Sword of the Storm
  12. Helmet of Jong
  13. Falcon's Eye
  14. Sapphire Dragon
  15. Serpent's Tail
  16. Orb of Tornami
  17. Star Hanabi
  18. Lotus Twister
  19. Longi Kite
  20. Sun Chi Lantern
  21. Heart of Jong
  22. Shard of Lightning
  23. Silver Manta Ray
  24. Crystal Glasses
  25. Wushu Helmet
  26. Thorn of Thunderbolt
  27. Tunnel Armadillo
  28. Ju-Ju Flytrap
  29. Silk Spitter
  30. Sweet Baby Among Us
  31. Ruby of Ramses
  32. Mind Reader Conch
  33. Shadow of Fear
  34. Crouching Cougar
  35. Lasso Boa Boa
  36. Monsoon Sandals
  37. Mosaic Scale
  38. Monarch Wings
  39. Lunar Locket
  40. Gills of Hamachi
  41. Black Beetle
  42. Emperor Scorpion
  43. Zing Zom-Bone
  44. Fountain of Hui
  45. Moonstone Locust
  46. Shen-Ga-Roo
  47. Woozy Shooter
  48. Golden Finger
  49. Manchurian Musca
  50. Shroud of Shadows

Jack Spicer

  1. Ring of the Nine Dragons
  2. Tongue of Saiping
  3. Glove of Jisaku
  4. Sphere of Yun

Chase Young

  1. Eagle Scope
  2. Wushan Geyser
  3. Reversing Mirror

Jesse Bailey

  1. Wings of Tinabi

Lost Shen Gong Wu

  1. Sands of Time (hidden in the future)


Gladiator Fights

Something Jermaine Showdown.png

Type: Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami
Competitors: Omi, Jermaine, Jack Spicer, Tubbimura
Wagered: Ruby of Ramses, Lasso Boa Boa, Manchurian Musca, Shroud of Shadows
Prize: Golden Finger
Outcome: Omi and Jermaine Tie
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Gladiator Fights

Omi, Jermaine, Tubbimura, and Jack (with his tongue) all touch the Golden Finger at the same time, starting a Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami. Omi wagers his Ruby of Ramses, against Jack's Manchurian Musca, Tubbimura's Shroud of Shadows, and Jermaine's Lasso Boa Boa, with the game being Battle of the Gladiators.

When the showdown begins, all the competitors are in gladiator attire, and in the center of an arena. Dojo is the Master of Ceremonies and begins the showdown. When the showdown starts, lions come out a trapdoor and begin to attack. Jack transforms into a fly to escape but gets attacked by a crow.

After the lions, chariots come into the stadium, and the competitors each grab onto one. Tubbimura uses the Shroud of Shadows to hide his chariot, but Omi can see the wheels. Omi uses the Ruby of Ramses to remove the Shroud of Shadows off of Tubbimura. Jermaine continues to bump his chariot into Omi's chariot. Jermaine uses the Lasso Boa Boa to sling Tubbimura out of the ring.

Omi tries to convince Jermaine that Chase Young is evil, but Jermaine won't believe him. Jermaine attacks and Omi is forced to jump to the side, almost falling into a trap. Jermaine is mad at Omi for not being happy for his success, and Omi admits that he was jealous. Omi lays down his weapon to show that he won't hurt his friend, and Jermaine lays down his weapon as well, ending the showdown in a draw.


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