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Shroud of Shadows

Type: Miscellaneous
Location found: A pond Tokyo, Japan
Introduced in: Shen Yi Bu
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The Shroud of Shadows was a Shen Gong Wu that allowed the user seem to disappear.


A dark colored cloth whose gradient would range from black to light grey- depending on the lighting. About as large as a poncho.


When this Shen Gong Wu was activated, it allowed the user to make himself or any objects invisible, to a degree. If the object was too large, the Shroud would only cover what it could. The Changing Chopsticks and the Reversing Mirror have been used to get around this drawback. However the shroud did seem to have the capacity to expand (to a degree). Also, ,,This is the Shroud of Shadows, not the Shroud of the Silence! (Raimundo said this to Omi). So the user must not be noisy. If the user was kicked very hard, the Shroud will make the user visible.

In the Xiaolin Showdown video game, the user turn pitch black, disabling other characters from targetting the user.


The Shroud of Shadows was locate in Tokyo and found in a pond by Raimundo, Raimundo challenges Tubbimura to a Shen Yi Bu Dare for the Shroud of Shadows. Raimundo win the showdown and obtain the Shroud of Shadows along with the Sword of the Storm and Fist of Tebigong. Later that night, While Raimundo looking throught the Ancient Scroll of the Shen Gong Wu, Omi used the Shroud of Shadows sneak up on Raimundo. Unfortunately, Raimundo was still able to hear Omi, Which Raimundo suggested that it's the Shroud of Shadows and not Shroud of Silence.

Jack Spicer stolen the Shroud the Shadows while the Monks (expect for Kimlio) fighting Chameleon-Bot.

Jack Spicer wagered the Shroud of Shadows along with the Jetbootsu in the Shen Yi Bu Dare for the Serpent's Tail. Jack used the Shroud of Shadows to make him invisible and perform sneak attacks on Omi and Jermaine. But Jack lost the showdown along with the Shroud of Shadows and the Jetbootsu. Oddly, Only the Jetbootsu were seen with Omi and not Shroud of Shadows.

Jack Spicer somehow re-obtain the Shroud of Shadows and used it for the cape of Mala Mala Jong, Mala Mala Jong even used the Shroud of Shadows to make to stop animals (commended by Clay using the Tongue of Saiping) from attacks him. After the monks defeated the Heylin Demon, The monks re-obtain the Shroud of Shadows.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown


Xiaolin Showdown
  • Xiaolin (105: "Shen Yi Bu" - 106: "Chameleon")
  • Heylin (106: "Chameleon" - 109: "My Homey Omi")
  • Xiaolin (109: "My Homey Omi" - 111: "Royal Rumble")
  • Heylin (111: "Royal Rumble" - 112: "Mala Mala Jong")
  • Xiaolin (112: "Mala Mala Jong" - 203: "The Shard of Lightning")
  • Heylin (203: "The Shard of Lightning")
  • Xiaolin (203: "The Shard of Lightning" - 217: "The Return of Pandabubba")
  • PandaBubba (217: "The Return of Pandabubba")
  • Xiaolin (217: "The Return of Pandabubba" - 222: "The Apprentice")
  • Heylin (222: "The Apprentice" - 223: "Something Jermaine")
  • Xiaolin (223: "Something Jermaine - 304: "Omi Town")
  • Heylin (304: "Omi Town" - 312: "Time After Time: Part I")
  • Xiaolin (312: "Time After Time: I" - 313: "Time After Time: Part II")

Did You Know...?

  • Although all the Shen Gong Wu can change their size, so that they can be used by smaller or bigger individuals, the Shroud of Shadows hasn't shown that ability, because in many episodes it revealed a part of the person or object that it was making invisible.

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