A Shoku Warrior is the fourth rank on the road to Xiaolin Dragon. In "Time After Time: Part II", Raimundo Pedrosa achieved this rank. The Shoku Warrior level is required to use the Shoku Star Formation


Warriors of this rank could use more powerful attacks than Wudai. To activate their elemental power, they say "Shoku" followed by the name of a planetary body and their element;

  • Shoku Jupiter, Earth
  • Shoku Mars, Fire
  • Shoku Neptune, Water
  • Shoku Astro, Wind


Xiaolin Showdown

Omi greatly desired this honor and spent "Time After Time: Part 1" and "Time After Time: Part 2" attempting to get it. In the end, Raimundo became the leader, and while Omi was sad that he wasn't the Shoku Warrior, he was happy for Raimundo and was able to put his pride aside.

Xiaolin Chronicles

After Time After Time, they somehow became the Shoku Warriors after the fight between Xiaolin warriors and Heylin.

Current Shoku Warriors

Xiaolin Showdown

Xiaolin Chronicles

Did You Know...?

  • Shoku is a weapon that was used by ninja, they resembled climbing claws.
  • If a Xiaolin Monk is very talented he can achieve the rank of a Shoku Warrior without achieving the Wudai Warrior rank.
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