An example of Shen Gong Wu, the Thorn of Thunderbolt

Shen Gong Wu (聖功武 Shèng gōng wǔ, lit. "Divine-made weapon") were powerful magical objects created by Grand Master Dashi. The Shen Gong Wu activated one by one over a long period, and both the Xiaolin and the Heylin had ways of detecting their activation. The Xiaolin Warriors had Dojo Kanojo Cho, and the Heylin villains had Wuya. Wuya grew more powerful with more Shen Gong Wu, so the Xiaolin Dragons-in-training had to collect as many as they could to stop her.


A Xiaolin Showdown was a duel using the collected Shen Gong Wu as wagers. When a Shen Gong Wu was wagered, it was available to everyone in the showdown, but the one who wagered it has it at first. They may be traded randomly in the showdown if one side asks for a Shen Yi Bu Dare, which also makes it so there were 2 Shen Gong Wu per person. Shen Yi Bu Dares happen now and then, such as in "The Demon Seed" between Raimundo Pedrosa and Gigi. A Xiaolin Showdown only happens when two or more people were touching a Shen Gong Wu.

Dojo Kanojo Cho had a rulebook which the Xiaolin warriors referred to at many points throughout the series, such as in when the Xiaolin Dragons-in-training and their fears, created by the Shadow of Fear which was in Jack Spicer's possession, had touched the Crouching Cougar at the same time.

A Shen Gong Wu was activated when the user said the name of the Shen Gong Wu. For instance, the Eye of Dashi shot forth lightning only when its name was called.

The Shen Gong Wu also appeared to have the capacity to grow and shrink. When Cyclops had the Wings of Tinabi, they grew for him so he could use them and shrunk for Omi when he was incredibly small, but the Jetbootsu did not grow for Cyclops when he tried to put them on, additionally the Shroud of Shadows was able to grow often (like when Omi hid Dojo's giant wooden cage) but it did not grow for Kimiko when she became a sumo wrestler, showing that they do not grow when wagered.

Although incredibly powerful, the Shen Gong Wu had limits, and sometimes even ran out of power or just broke altogether. The Silk Spitter once ran out of silk (but only for about 10 seconds), the Golden Finger could only pause time temporarily and the Shard of Lightning only let the user move as fast as the speed of light for as long as the flash of lightning. The Shen Gong Wu were very durable and difficult to break but they had been broken on occasion. The first Wu to get broken was the Reversing Mirror which was destroyed by Wuya's powerful magic (however it was also fixed after she was defeated), then the Mosaic Scale dropped by Kimiko, the Hodoku Mouse fell into lava, the Silver Manta Ray crashed in the Ying-Yang World and the Sands of time were vaporized by Hannibal Roy Bean. Wuya also commented on Jack's cousin Megan breaking the Ju-Ju Fly Trap.

From Xiaolin Showdown

Shen Gong Wu Appearance Ability First Appearance
Ants in the Pants
Releases a massive swarm of ants that invade a foes pants. Hannibal's Revenge
Black Beetle
Transforms into a massive suit of armor or float to protect the user from extreme heat. Able to withstand the heat of the Earth's core. Screams of the Siren
Cannon Blaster
Blasts the user in one direction like a cannonball. Hannibal's Revenge
Changing Chopsticks
Shrinks targeted objects or people to the size of a grain of rice. Katnappe!
Crouching Cougar
Transforms into a mechanical cougar that could transport users at high speeds. Dreamscape
Crystal Glasses
Allows the user to see future events. The Crystal Glasses
Denshi Bunny
Transforms the user into electricity. Wu Got the Power
Eagle Scope
Transforms into a telescope, granting the user eagle-like vision. The Year of the Green Monkey
Emperor Scorpion
Allows the user to control all other Shen Gong Wu, including multiple Wu constructs like Mala Mala Jong. The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back
Eye of Dashi
Shoots lightning from the center gem. The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Falcon's Eye
Allows the user to see through solid objects. Ring of the Nine Dragons
Fancy Feet
Allows the user to run up to sonic speed. The Return of Master Monk Guan
Fist of Tebigong
Allows the user to punch with incredible strength. Like a Rock!
Fountain of Hui
Grants the user infinite and random knowledge. The Year of the Green Monkey
Gills of Hamachi
Allows the user to breathe underwater transforming them into a fish in the process. Screams of the Siren
Glove of Jisaku
Allows the user to attract any object, including other Shen Gong Wu. Sizing Up Omi
Golden Finger
Freezes any pointed object in place. Something Jermaine
Golden Tiger Claws
Allows instant travel to the users' desired location. Tangled Web
Heart of Jong
Brings in-animate objects to life. Mala Mala Jong (episode)
Helmet of Jong
Allows the user to see behind them as though they have eyes on the back of their head. Chameleon
Hoduku Mouse
Fixes any mistake. Dangerous Minds
Allows the user to defy gravity. Tangled Web
Ju-Ju Flytrap
Releases a swarm of large flies that attack targets. Enter the Dragon
Kuzusu Atom
Destroys anything it is targeted towards. Chucky Choo (episode)
Lasso Boa Boa
Either transforms into a lasso that the user can use, or transforms into a living snake to attack enemies. Master Monk Guan (episode)
Longi Kite
Grants the user controllable flight. Royal Rumble
Lotus Twister
Allows the user's body to twist like rubber, making them extremely flexible. Royal Rumble
Lunar Locket
Allows the user to control the moon, including the different phases. The Deep Freeze
Manchurian Musca
Transforms the user into a fly. Gives them a craving for sugar. The Deep Freeze
Mantis Flip Coin
Allows the user to jump incredible heights. The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Mikado Arms
Grants the user's arms super strength. Time After Time: Part I
Mind Reader Conch
Allows the user to read the thoughts of others within a given range. Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil
Moby Morpher
Allows the user to change their appearance into anything they choose - including the appearance of other beings. The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean
Monarch Wings
Allows spiritual bodies to roam the Earth physically without needing to posses others. The Evil Within
Monkey Staff
Grants the user the speed, agility and acrobatics of a monkey while slowly transforming them into one. Tangled Web
Monsoon Sandals
Increases the length of the user's legs. Master Monk Guan
Moonstone Locust
Releases an army of locust that eat any plants in sight. The Demon Seed
Mosaic Scale
Traps spiritual bodies, such as Sibini. The Evil Within
Orb of Tornami
Releases a large flood of water. Big as Texas
Reversing Mirror
Reverses the power of all other Wu. In the Flesh
Ring of the Nine Dragons (Shen Gong Wu)
Divides the user, splitting them and their personality into a total of nine different entities. Ring of the Nine Dragons (episode)
Rio Reverso
Reverses the life of objects, such as turning oil into dinosaurs. Oil in the Family
Ruby of Ramses
Allows the user to levitate targeted objects. The Sands of Time
Sands of Time
Allows the user to travel through time. The Sands of Time
Sapphire Dragon
Transforms into a Sapphire Dragon that indiscriminately turns creatures into a sapphire zombie. Night of the Sapphire Dragon
Serpent's Tail
Allows the user to travel through solid objects. My Homey Omi
Shadow Slicer
Allows the user to manipulate their shadow. The Dream Stalker
Shadow of Fear
Allows users to see and bring to life another's worst fears. Dreamscape
Shard of Lightning
Allows the user to move at the speed of light for a short period of time. The Shard of Lightning
Transforms into a vehicle that moves by hopping. The New Order
Shroud of Shadows
Allows the user to become invisible. Shen Yi Bu
Silk Spitter
Shoots strands of spider silk. Enter the Dragon
Silver Manta Ray
Transforms into a vehicle that can travel through air and water. The Shard of Lightning
Sphere of Yun
Traps someone in an impervious sphere. Could transfer powers and possessions from the prisoner to the user. The Black Vipers (episode)
Star Hanabi
Shoots fireballs. Big as Texas
Sun Chi Lantern
Allows the user to combine their chi with anyone illuminated by its light. Royal Rumble
Sweet Baby Among Us
Transforms into a giant Golden Baby. The Sands of Time
Sword of the Storm
Releases strong winds. Capable of making tornados. Shen Yi Bu
Tangle Web Comb
Releases large strands of web that immobilize targets. Tangled Web
Third-Arm Sash
Acts like a third arm for the user. Like a Rock!
Thorn of Thunderbolt
Shoot out thunderbolts. Sizing Up Omi
Tongue of Saiping
Grants the user the ability to talk to and understand animals. Royal Rumble
Tunnel Armadillo
Transforms into a large drill like locomotive, allowing the user to travel underground. Enter the Dragon
Two-Ton Tunic
Transforms into a solid two ton tunic that protects the user. The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Wings of Tinabi
Grants the user to fly, leaving behind a rainbow trail. Sizing Up Omi
Woozy Shooter
Releases gas that makes people woozy. The Apprentice
WuShan Geyser
Erases the memories of foes for a given period of time. The New Order
Wushu Helmet
Protects the user's head by deflecting attacks and projectiles. The Crystal Glasses
Yang Yo-Yo
Allows the user to travel into the Ying-Yang World. However, the user will lose their predominant chi if it wasn't used alongside its sister Wu. Saving Omi
Ying Yo-Yo
Allows the user to travel into the Ying-Yang World. However, the user will lose their predominant chi if it wasn't used alongside its sister Wu. Judging Omi
Zing Zom-Bone
Turns targets into mindless zombies. The Return of PandaBubba

Wudai Weapons

Wudai Weapons were first introduced in the episode Treasure of the Blind Swordsman (episode), and are acquired by the Xiaolin Monks after reaching the rank of Wudai Warrior. Each Shen Gong Wu is tailored to correspond to each of their elements, and after acquiring them, have been their signature wu for the rest of the series.

Shen Gong Wu Appearance Ability Owner
Blade of the Nebula
Transforms into nunchucks that allows the user to manipulate the wind. Raimundo Pedrosa
Shimo Staff
Transforms into any weapon the use requires. Omi
Arrow Sparrow
Allows the user to throw out bird-shaped projectiles that light on fire. Kimiko Tohomiko
Big Bang Meteorang
Transforms into a multi-pronged boomerang that can also shoot out multiple boomerangs midair. Also can cut through tough materials with ease, before returning to the owner. Clay Bailey
Shen Gong Wu Appearance Ability Owner
Crest of the Condor
Enhances Wind-based powers, weapons, and moves. Raimundo Pedrosa
Kaijin Charm
Enhances Water-based powers, weapons, and moves. Omi
Cat's Eye Draco
Enhances Fire-based powers, weapons, and moves. Kimiko Tohomiko
Longhorn Taurus
Enhances Earth-based powers, weapons, and moves. Clay Bailey


Name Picture Ability
Turned into a gigantic mutt that transports the user.
Genie Moo
Genie Moo.png
Swapped a person's personality.

From Xiaolin Chronicles

Name Picture Ability
Bubble Brains
Bubble Brains2.png
It could transform a person into a ghost and vice versa.
Monkey Spear
Monkey Staff2.png
Turned the user into a monkey. Released a mob of monkey spirits.
Orb of Torpedo
Orb of Torpedo.png
Released large floods of water. Could also release ice.
Wuzzy Bunny
Wuzzy Bunny.jpg
Released mystic gas that confused those who came in contact with it.
Fist of the Iron Bear Fist of the Iron Bear vector.png Allowed the user to punch with incredible strength.
Sword of Lucida Sword of Lucida vector.png Released great amounts of wind.
Hanabi Star Hanabi Star vector.png Released powerful fireballs.
Morphing Chopsticks
XC Morphing Chopsticks.png
Could decrease someone's size.
Shroud of Monster Camo
XC Shroud of Monster Camo.png
Could make the user invisible, but occasionally it caused the user to be visible.
Medusa Comb Medusa Comb vector.png Could extend its comb teeth into long, stringy strands.
Could release balls that bounce everywhere endlessly.
Blue Ray Manta Ray
Fără titlu.png
Could transform into a big, ancient aircraft.
Honey Badger
Honey Badger1-0.png
Could turn something real, unreal and vice versa.
Tongue of Cherokee
Tongue of Cherokee1.png
Could make the user talk and control the animals.
Xeno Fly
Th (1).jpg
Could turn the user into a fly.
Sapphire Dragon Fly
Sapphire Dragon Fly.PNG
Could boost up someone's energy.
Cannon de Lopez
Cannon de Lopez.png
Could release massive gasses from the buttom of the user.
Cheetah Claws
Fără titlu-0.png
Could create a bubble that made the user travel into the past.
Vest of Kimiku
Fără titlu-1.png
Its powers are currently unknown.
Quantum Wand
Fără titlu-2.png
Could send people and objects into the future.
Gohan Gopher
Fără titlu-3.png
Could produce laser beams and make the user fly.
Banyan Twister
Fără titlu-1545233099.png
Could make the user extremely flexible.
Prism of Genesis
Could bring drawings to life.
Rooster Booster
Rooster booster.png
Could greatly enhance the powers of other Wu.
Ohwah Tegu Saim
Ohwah Tegu Saim.png
When combined, the users became a giant golden goose.

From the Trading Card Game

Name Picture Ability
Bear Baton
The Bear Baton turned the user into a bear-like creature that could attack with super-sharp teeth.
Bubble Brains
Bubble Brains granted its user a photographic memory.
Bullhorn Blazer
The Bullhorn Blazer was a set of bull horns that could transform into a running bull.
Cube of Haniku
The Cube created ironic situations for all of its user's opponents
Culver Crystal
The Culver Crystal created a glittering and blinding sphere of light that helped its users during escapes.
Da Hippa Hoppa
Da Hippa Hoppa turned all of its user's speech into rhymes.
Danger Sneakers
The Danger Sneakers warned its user of impending danger.
Horde of Haiku
The Horde of Haiku let its user turn into a cloud of millions of biting insects, which could pass through narrow openings.
Imo Gazer
With just a look, the Imo Gazer let its user instantly put an opponent into a deep sleep.
Indigo Pyramid
The Indigo Pyramid allowed its user to change an opponent's mind. When combined with the Reversing Mirror it changed the user's mind instead!
Komori Sword
The Komori Sword let its user hang upside down like a bat and fight well in darkness.
Mask of Rio
The Mask of Rio helped its user blend into the surroundings.
Neptune Helmet
The Neptune Helmet lets its user create a walking hurricane.
Ninja Sash
The Ninja Sash allowed its user to create up to two doubles of themselves.
Pearl of LiBai
The Pearl of LiBai made its user's enemies babble poetry nonstop.
Polar Paws
Polar Paws turned its user into a polar bear that has the ability to withstand extremely cold temperatures.
The Preying Monster
The Praying Monster turned into a big like-mantis monster
Rainbow Star
The Rainbow Star turned everyone and everything into a rainbow of colors.
Thorn of Tectonic
Shoots thunderbolts.

Did you Know...?

  • The irony is that the main purpose of the creation of the Shen Gong Wu, by Grand Master Dashi, was to defeat Wuya, but she was immune to their effects.
  • In Xiaolin Chronicles, Chase Young possesses Shen Gong Wu-like talismans that are used the same way as Dashi's Shen Gong Wu.
  • Grand Master Dashi is not the only creator of Shen Gong Wu. For example, Barkey LeBois created the Morphing Chopsticks.