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Reptilian's Tail
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New York, New York
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My Homey Omi
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Time After Time: Part I

The Serpent's Tail was a Shen Gong Wu that made things intangible.


As the name implies, the Shen Gong Wu looks like tail of a Serpent, being long and flexible. It has a mustard yellow fins at the mid-range and end of the tail and has a yellow part under it.


When this Shen Gong Wu was activated, it allowed the user to travel through solid objects such as walls and allowed them to avoid physical attacks but it didn't protect them against non-physical attacks and could be taken away while in use.

When the Serpent's Tail was combined with the Reversing Mirror, it could turn someone who was ghostly into a flesh and solid person, as seen when it was done to Wuya twice in the series.


The Serpent's Tail was found in New York, located in the subway underground, Omi and Jack Spicer grab the Serpent's Tail and challenges ease other to a Shen Yi Bu Dare for the Serpent's Tail in a basketball game, Omi had Jermaine as his partner while Jack had his robotic train become his partner. The Serpent's Tail turn itself into a basketball to be used in the game. Omi and Jermaine won the showdown along with the Serpent's Tail (turn itself back into it's normal form), Jetbootsu and the Shroud of Shadows (strangely was not seen with Omi).

Clay Bailey wagered the Serpent's Tail in a Xiaolin Showdown against Jack Spicer for the Star Hanabi in "Hanabi in a Haystack. Clay used the Serpent's Tail to pass through a giant haystack to found the Star Hanabi, but to no avail. Clay wins the Xiaolin Showdown along with the Star Hanabi and the Sword of the Storm.

Clay Bailey wagered the Serpent's Tail in another Xiaolin Showdown, but this time against Tubbimura for the Tongue of Saiping in "Race Across the Ice". When a giant ice wall appeared in front of them, Clay used the Serpent's Tail for his advantage and pass straight through the ice wall, Unfortunately, Clay loses the showdown as result, losing the Serpent's Tail. After Omi defeated the Heylin villains using the Sun Chi Lantern and saved Clay, Raimundo and Kimiko, The monks manage to obtain the Serpent's Tail along with the Longi Kite, Tongue of Saiping and the Orb of Tornami from Jack Spicer's hideout.

Upon the rise of Mala Mala Jong, The Xiaolin monks flee the temple grounds along carry the Shen Gong Wu with them, In a cave on Mount Hong, Clay suggesting to used the Serpent's Tail to remove the Heart of Jong form Mala Mala Jong located in the Two-Ton Tunic, but Kimiko remarks Clay that the Serpent's Tail wasn't be able to protect them from the lightning blast of the Eye of Dashi. Omi used the Serpent's Tail to travel underground and found the Golden Tiger Claws located in the enter of the Earth. Omi had many fail attempts, but managed to re-obtain the Golden Tiger Claws.

Wuya tells Raimundo to return to the Xiaolin Temple one last time to retrieve the Serpent's Tail from the vault but he refused to head back to that location again. However Wuya manages to convince Raimundo after promising his own soccer team and a drink out of the world cup. Then Raimundo asks Wuya "Okay, so what do I do?" as the latter laughs evilly. Raimundo walks up the stairs of the Shen Gong Wu vault after stealing the Serpent's Tail while wearing his hood on his head. Omi, Kimiko and Clay arrive as Raimundo smiles evilly when the latter stops walking while carrying the Serpent's Tail. When Omi, Kimiko and Clay are at the entrance, Raimundo starts walking towards the entrance. Omi asks Raimundo "what are you doing with the Serpent's Tail, my clever friend" and the latter replies "uh, stealing it". Kimiko tells Omi that Raimundo is stealing the Shen Gong Wu. Kimiko and Clay are using their elements to fight Raimundo as the latter uses his element to fight against two of his former friends on the top of the Shen Gong Wu vault's roof while Omi sees. During the fight against Clay, Raimundo grabs Clay's hat but Clay tries to reach it and Raimundo kicks him away. Raimundo dodges Kimiko when the latter fights the former. During the fight against Kimiko, Raimundo tossed Clay's hat to the ground next to Omi then Clay picks it up. Then Clay jumps up and continues to fight Raimundo. Clay grabs Raimundo's hand and Kimiko grabs Raimundo's leg which Raimundo sees. Then Raimundo tossed the Serpent's Tail up to smash the top of the Xiaolin Temple's vault by using his element to prevent Kimiko and Clay from grabbing onto his leg and arm respectively. Kimiko and Clay fall then their heads are trapped inside the pot. Kimiko tells Omi to stop Raimundo. After jumping to the floor, Raimundo grabs the Serpent's Tail that he tossed up to smash the top of the vault earlier and he starts to leave the vault but Omi is about to fight him. Raimudo activates the Shen Gong Wu to escape the Xiaolin Temple's Shen Gong Wu vault. Omi, Kimiko and Clay are feeling down when they see Raimundo flying away while laughing evilly then Omi says "Raimundo has really betrayed us". Due to only one Shen Gong Wu being stolen by Raimundo, the three other monks ask Master Fung and Dojo the significance. He and Dojo reveal that the Reversing Mirror simply making Wu use an ability opposite to their original intention. The Serpent's Tail turns someone ghostly but using the Reversing Mirror and a ghostly figure will become human. Raimundo arrives back to the location where Wuya is waiting at. Raimundo shows Wuya the Serpent's Tail that he successfully stole from the Xiaolin temple's Shen Gong Wu vault which made her proud of him because soon she will become flesh again.

Raimundo asked Wuya if she was ready but she replies that she had waited for one thousand and five hundred years for this day and he was jerking her chain about her eagerness to become human again as Omi, Kimiko, Clay and Dojo arrive to stop Raimundo and Wuya. Raimundo turns around when he hears Clay saying "that's funny, a jerk jerking a chain which Omi finds amusing but Raimundo tries to taunt about Omi's inability to see sarcasm. Omi kicks the Serpent's Tail from Raimundo's hands and Dojo grabs it. Raimundo tells Dojo to give the Serpent's Tail back. Dojo tosses it to Clay as Raimundo tries to grab it. Clay tosses the Serpent's Tail to Kimiko then she toss it to Omi, who toss it back to Clay. Wuya manipulates Raimundo's mind again when she tells him that his "friends" are making a buffoon out of him. Raimundo complies when he says "not anymore" while activating the Golden Tiger Claws by jumping into the hole then Omi asks "where is Raimundo" as Kimiko says "wherever he wants to be". Raimundo reappears behind Clay to kick the latter to the ground to prevent him from holding the Serpent's Tail. Dojo sees that the Serpent's Tail is flung like an "airball" then Omi jumps up. Raimundo uses his wind element to fly towards the Serpent's Tail as Kimiko and Clay notice him from above their heads when Raimundo is heading towards the Shen Gong Wu before Omi can grab it. Raimundo manages to grab the Serpent's Tail then Wuya tells him "go boy, use it hurry!" so Raimundo activates it but Dojo is unable to stop him due to Raimundo flies via Dojo. Then Raimundo flies to the mirror that Wuya is at. When Raimundo heads towards Wuya, she activates the Reversing Mirror then the world went dark as the river dried up and the leaves disappear from trees and bushes while Kimiko says "this is bad" "very, very bad".

Wuya laughed maniacally as Omi asked, "Wuya?", but her response is "In the flesh" before she laughed again when she removes her mask while Omi, Kimiko and Clay are shocked to see Wuya restored back to her human form.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown


Xiaolin Showdown
  • Xiaolin (109: "My Homey Omi" - 111: "Royal Rumble")
  • Heylin (111: "Royal Rumble")
  • Xiaolin (111: "Royal Rumble" - 113 "In the Flesh")
  • Raimundo (Heylin) (113: "In the Flesh" - 202: "Citadel of Doom")
  • Xiaolin (202: "Citadel of Doom" - 203: "The Shard of Lightning")
  • Heylin (203: "The Shard of Lightning" - 205: "Pandatown")
  • PandaBubba (205: "Pandatown")
  • Heylin (205: "Pandatown" - 210: "Dreamscape")
  • Xiaolin (210: "Dreamscape" - 226: "Saving Omi")
  • Chase Young (226: "Saving Omi" - 311: "Hannibal's Revenge")
  • Xiaolin (311: "Hannibal's Revenge" - 312: "Time After Time: Part I")
  • Heylin (312: "Time After Time: Part I" - 313: "Time After Time: Part II")
  • Xiaolin (313: "Time After Time: Part II")

Did You Know...

  • When the Serpent's Tail is combine with the Reversing Mirror, it can actually bring someone back from the dead. This is because it can make an intangible ghost tangible.
  • The Serpent's Tail/Reversing Mirror combination is used for the first time at the near end of In the Flesh by Raimundo and Wuya. The same combination is used for the second time during Saving Omi by Chase and Wuya.

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