Robo-Jack Spicer


Affiliated with: Heylin
Introduced in: The Shard of Lightning
Last seen in: Time After Time: Part II
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Robo-Jack Spicer is an exact robot copy of the real Jack Spicer and is a regularly occuring villain in the series.


Robo-Jack is almost identical to Jack. He fears everything Jack fears, speaks like Jack and acts like Jack. Robo-Jack was defeated in a triple showdown against Omi and Jack. Robo-Jack had been taken out as Omi used the Tongue Of Saiping to call out animals that defeat him. Jack tells Omi what he would do since they share thoughts to finish the showdown


Robo-Jack can change his voice to sound like a robot and can make it sound exactly like Jack to decieve people


Jack Spicer

Robo-Jack does not have a good relationship with his creator. This is shown several times as every copy of Robo-Jack betrays Jack. He seems to believe he is superior to his creator and always debates with him over who the real Jack is.

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