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The Ring of the Nine Dragons was first encountered in Season 1, Episode 7 "Ring of the Nine Dragons".


The outer ring shell was black, taking the shape of a dragon's back. The core of the ring had golden lining. It had a golden gem embedded at the top.


This Shen Gong Wu, when activated, could multiply the user into as many as nine people. However, rather than make exact duplicates of the user, it separated his or herself into different parts of their whole self such as maturity, skills or emotions.

When in combination with either the Yin or Yang Yo-Yo, the user could leave their good/bad self inside the Yin Yang World, as seen with Good Jack Spicer when he was retrieving Chi from said world and used the ring to make a second Good Jack to distract the Yin Yang Creature. In a later episode, the Life and Times of Hannibal Bean, Jack, turned evil from his last visit with the Yin Yang World, met with his good self.

Effects on User

The only seen users of the Ring of the Nine Dragons is Jack Spicer and Omi. Since the ring can split a person into nine people fragments, rather than duplicates, each person seemed to have their own personality though lacking what the whole person had.

Omi Divided: 5

  • The Original Omi
  • Dizzy Omi - An Omi with swirls for eyes and a smoothly waved mouth.
  • Fat Omi - A very obese Omi whose seems to be willing to eat anything.
  • Confident Omi - An Omi with one raised eyebrow, one lowered, and a cheeky grin.
  • Serious Omi - This Omi has creased eyebrows, and appears to be more serious than the others, along with thicker eyebrows and larger eyes.

Spicer Divided: 6

  • The Original Jack
  • Old Jack - An old wrinkled Jack whose shorter than the others.
  • Sick Jack - A very green Jack who seems eternally sick.
  • Big Headed Jack - A Jack with a very round and large head.
  • Fat Jack - A very obese Jack Spicer.
  • Donkey Jack - A Jack that resembled a donkey at both appearance and behavior.


Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown


Xiaolin Showdown
  • Xiaolin (107: "Ring of the Nine Dragons")
  • Heylin (107: "Ring of the Nine Dragons" - 205: "Pandatown")
  • PandaBubba (205: "Pandatown")
  • Heylin (205: "Pandatown" - 216: "The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back")
  • Mala Mala Jong (216: "The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back")
  • Xiaolin (216: "The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back" - 222: "The Apprentice")
  • Heylin (222: "The Apprentice" - 301: "Finding Omi")
  • Xiaolin (301: "Finding Omi" - 313: "Time After Time: Part II")

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