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Affiliated with: Heylin
Element: Water
Appearance: The Deep Freeze
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Raksha was a snowman that was brought to life when Jack Spicer's Dude-Bot became tired of being Human from the Heart of Jong and carelessly threw it into a chasm. The Heart of Jong landed in snow and resulted in the creation of Raksha.


Raksha was a snowman with a German accent and seemed to be of german affiliation due to the clothes he wore when he allied himeslef with Wuya to help her defeat the Xiaolin Monks and claim their Shen Gong Wu.


Raksha was a villain whose primary motivation seemed to be altering the climate of the world to suit his frozen nature. He disliked heat and loved the cold, and proved mocking to those he felt were inferior to him.

Physical appearances

As he could shapeshift himself, Raksha had many appearances, based on the different types of water:

  • Snowman
  • Child Snowman
  • Igloo Snowman
  • Water
  • Ice Brick Wall.

Powers and Weaknesses

Raksha had the ability to control water at any of its forms, especially snow and ice. With that power he could do many functions like:

  • Ice Transfomation
  • Ice Breath
  • Shapeshifting
  • Reconstruction


  • Intense Heat
  • Fire
  • Water


Wuya allies with Raksha as a replacement for Jack, though Raksha has little interest in helping Wuya, as he had already attained his goal of turning the world cold and dark, and thus claims he already rules the world.

Major Battles

Xiaolin Showdown with Omi in the deep freeze Wagers (Omi) Golden Tiger Claws + Orb of Tornami (Raksha) Lunar Locket + Heart of Jong For Star Hanabi Showdown: Ice Hockey, First Puck (Star Hanabi) in goal wins - Winner:- Omi


  • Raksha had his own theme song that could be heard throughout the episode and a variation he sang himself in a form similar to yodelling.


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