Affiliated with: Heylin
Place of origin: 🇭🇰 Hong Kong, China
Introduced in: Pandatown
Last seen in: Time After Time: Part 2
Voiced by: Kevin Michael Richardson
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Affiliated with: Heylin
Place of origin: Hong Kong, China
Introduced in: Magic Stallion and the Wild Wild West
Voiced by: Eric Bauza
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PandaBubba was a crime boss from Hong Kong, who wanted to become the crime lord of the world. He was affiliated with the Heylin replacing Tubbimura in the show's opening theme.


PandaBubba was the richest, most dangerous crime boss based out of Hong Kong who was infamous for his power-hungry and ruthless nature, as well as his success rates within the underworld. Fellow underdwellers and villains in need of a loan often would turn to him for assistance.[1]


PandaBubba was a manipulative, power-hungry crime boss who would stop at nothing to become the supreme crime lord of all Hong Kong.[1] He often would double-cross allies to suit his needs and fulfill sinister schemes.[1][2]

Physical Appearance

PandaBubba appeared much like his name suggested: a panda. He wore his hair tied in two balls (much like panda ears), he had black circles around his eyes, and sported grey/black hair. His larger body frame also strengthened his similarities to a panda. He wore a white suit with black accents and golden earrings.[1]

Powers and Weaknesses

PandaBubba possessed no supernatural powers, but was known for his manipulative and cunning behavior. He seemed to easily gain the trust of those who were unfamiliar with his evil history, giving him distinct advantages over such acquaintances. He also displayed natural talent for criminal leadership and intelligence. PandaBubba was also very greedy and could not resist the opportunity of gaining more Shen Gong Wu, despite the possibilities of loss.[1][2]


Jack Spicer

PandaBubba partnered up with Jack to get more Shen Gong Wu so he could rob more stores and sell stolen goods on the black market, plus eventually become the ruler of the Hong Kong underworld. After he got the Shen Gong Wu from Jack, who stole it from the Xiaolin Dragons-in-Training, he double crossed him and tied him up.[1] PandaBubba double crossed Jack again in their next meeting when Jack gave him the Zing Zom Bone in exchange for Koybots; he turned Jack to a mindless zombie slave after he was no longer useful.[2]

Toshiro Tohimiko

PandaBubba worked with Toshiro Tohomiko (Kimiko's father) so he could have a factory full of slave zombies and control the entire electronic market by making them steal electronic parts for other toys and machines. The reason Toshiro made him a bussiness partner was because he was backed up on so many orders he needed help. Toshiro also didn't know he was the criminal mastermind PandaBubbba. PandaBubba promptly turned him into a zombie as well.[2]

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown Xiaolin Chronicles

Season Two

Season Three

Major Battles

Xiaolin Showdown
Opponent Episode Challenge Wagered Wu Result
Jack Spicer
PandaBubba Last Boat Afloat Fist of Tebigong Loss
Kimiko The Return of PandaBubba Goo Zombies 4 Shroud of Shadows Loss


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Did you Know...

  • Both versions of PandaBubba are voiced by someone who did voice work on Uncle Grandpa (Kevin Michael Richardson in Showdown did the voice of Mr. Gus, Eric Bauza in Chronicles (who also voice Raimundo and Jack) voices Belly Bag in Uncle Grandpa)

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