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Orb of Tornami
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New Monk on the Block
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Fly The Dragon, Pt.3

The Orb of Torpedo was a Shen Gong Wu that could unleash mighty floods of water.


The Orb of Torpedo was a round blue sphere with wave-like patters on it. This linked to its function which was to release water. When the orb was activated, a white whirl appeared around it, following with the shooting water.


The Orb of Torpedo was capable of releasing gallons of water. It also allowed the user to control water. The water released from the orb can also turn into ice however this is only shown when Omi uses it as he is the xiaolin dragon of Water. When combined with the Rooster Booster, It allow the user to create a enormous gigantic wave.


The renamed Orb of Tornami has only appeared in the short leaved preview of the show. It is shown to already be under the ownership of Omi and the other monks.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Chronicles


Xiaolin Chronicles
  • Xiaolin (101: New Monk on the Block - 103: The Fall of Xiaolin)
  • Chase Young (103: The Fall of Xiaolin)
  • Xiaolin (106: Magic Stallion and the Wild Wild West - )


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