Old Bessie


Appearance: Big as Texas
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Old Bessie is the milk cow owned by the Bailey Family.


While the monks are at the Bailey Ranch, assisting Daddy Bailey working on the ranch, Omi tried to milk Old Bessie. He made several, increasingly aggressive attempts to milk the cow, which usually resulted in Bessie kicking him out of the barn. As a result, Omi saw Bessie as a worthy opponent.

When Jack Spicer flooded the barn, Omi rescued Bessie. Before he left the ranch, during a tearful goodbye, Omi was finally able to milk her, only for him to gloat about his success, causing Bessie to kick him out of the barn again.


Bessie appears to be mostly calm, mostly just standing in the barn, chewing on grass. Though when she feels threatened, she will protect herself, mainly by kicking Omi out of the barn.

Physical appearances

Old Bessie is a mostly white milk cow with black hair on her head. She is usually seen chewing on a stalk of grass.

Powers and Weaknesses

Bessie is strong enough to send Omi flying with her kick.


Major Battles


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