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New Monk on the Block

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Release details
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Overall: 1
Premiere broadcast: August 26, 2013
Premiere network: DisneyXD
Production code: XC101
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Xiaolin Chronicles
n/a A Girl Named Willow
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Omi takes newcomer Ping Pong on as his protégé, but eventually grows jealous of Ping Pong when he becomes everyone’s favorite. This causes a rift between the Monks, further complicated by the arrival of a beautiful new candidate.


Revealed Shen Gong Wu

Shroud of Monster Camo

When activated, this Shen Gong Wu allowed people to transform from a trans-meta morphisis conscience into physical state.

Shen Gong Wu Tally

Xiaolin Monks

  1. Orb of Torpedo
  2. Sword of Lucida
  3. Fist of the Iron Bear
  4. Hanabi Star
  5. Monkey Spear
  6. Bubble Brains
  7. Morphing Chopsticks

Jack Spicer



Snowball Flinging

Snowball Flinging.
Type: Xiaolin Showdown
Competitors: Ping Pong, Jack Spicer
Wagered: Orb of Torpedo, Monkey Spear
Prize: Bubble Brains
Outcome: Ping Pongs wins
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Voice Cast

"New Monk on the Block"
Master Fung
Clay Bailey
Eric Bauza Jack Spicer
Kimiko Tohomiko
Raimundo Pedrosa
Dojo Kanojo Cho
Cree Summers Wuya
Tara Strong Omi
Ping Pong


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