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Under ownership of Wuya
Introduced in
New Monk on the Block
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Xiaolin Redemption

The Monkey Spear was a Shen Gong Wu that gave the user monkey traits and appearances.


The Monkey Spear was a brown, wooden staff with a head of a monkey at the top of it. The monkey was white and brown, with brownish yellow ears and red eyes. It had also a tail on the back.


When using the Monkey Spear, the user would gain the appearance, strength, agility and balance of a monkey. If it was used too long or if the wielder called out its name then the user would turn into a complete monkey, and if left unchecked, the user would start thinking like a real monkey - his or her human memories would be erased until the staff was taken away. It would additionally launch monkey spirits. When combined with the Rooster Booster, It turn the user into a gorilla rather than a monkey.


Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Chronicles


Xiaolin Chronicles
  • Jack Spicer (101: New Monk on the Block)
  • Xiaolin Monks (101: New Monk on the Block - 103: The Fall of Xiaolin)
  • Chase Young (103: The Fall of Xiaolin)
  • Jack Spicer (104: Buddy Blue Ray and the Golden Bunnies)
  • Xiaolin Monks (104: Buddy Blue Ray and the Golden Bunnies - 109: Xiaolin Redemption)
  • Jack Spicer (109: Xiaolin Redemption - )


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