Affiliated with: Xiaolin
Appearance: Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil
Voiced by: Tara Strong
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Megan is Jack's little cousin.


Megan was a spoiled little girl who was very demanding but seemed to get away with it because of her age and cute appearance. She was also clever for her age, and she enjoyed playing dress up and tea parties. Despite this, she does possess a moral compass as she subtlety assisted the Monks.

Physical Appearance

Megan has blonde with blue eyes. In her only appearance in the series, she wore a purple and white dress.


Jack Spicer

Jack finds Megan both annoying and frustrating. He put her in a giant sphere resembling a hamster ball to keep her away from him and to show her he was in charge. She in turn also finds him frustrating and helped out the Monks in response.


Dojo's agreement to play with the little girl was bartered to get information from Megan about Spicer. He played dress up and had a tea party with Megan. The two seemed to get along quite nicely, as they were sad to part.

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