Master Monk Guan is an ally of the Xiaolin Monks and was once best friends with Chase Young and Grand Master Dashi.


Master Monk Guan is a legendary Tai Chi master who has traveled the world dozens of times, and has defeated many opponents using only his famous Spear of Guan.


Physical Appearence

Master Monk Guan is a tall, muscular, Chinese man with a bald head. He has very thin slanted eyes and a small curved nose. He wears a set of red Buddhist prayer beads. He also wears a one sleeved robe.



Shen Gong Wu/Weapons

Spear of Guan - Master Monk Guan's weapon of choice. It was later shown that Master Monk Guan has hundreds of these spears.


  • Master Monk Guan has to be at least 1500 years old since he was on wuya's defeat (along with Chase Young and Grand Master Dashi) but its unknown how he survive all that time.
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