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[[Category:Xiaolin Showdown]]
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[[Category:Xiaolin Chronicles]]
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Master Monk Guan is an ally of the Xiaolin Monks and was once best friends with Chase Young and Grand Master Dashi.


Master Monk Guan is a legendary Tai Chi master who has traveled the world dozens of times, and has defeated many opponents using only his famous Spear of Guan.


Physical Appearence

Master Monk Guan is a tall, muscular, Chinese man with a bald head. He has very thin slanted eyes and a small curved nose. He wears a set of red Buddhist prayer beads. He also wears a one sleeved robe.



Shen Gong Wu/Weapons

Spear of Guan - Master Monk Guan's weapon of choice. It was later shown that Master Monk Guan has hundreds of these spears.


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