This article is about the Lotus Twister, which may differ from its redesigned version Banyan Twister.
Lotus Twister

Type: Combat
Location found: Floating in the water of the Everglades
Introduced in: Royal Rumble
Last seen in: Chucky Choo
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The Lotus Twister was a Shen Gong Wu that was worn around the user's wrist. When activated, it could turn their limbs into stretchable rubber. The user could then extend to be as long as possible.


This Wu resembled that of a normal lotus flower but also had a long green stem/handle that ended with a yellow stump on the bottom. The petals of this Wu were a sunflower yellow, and its center was white.


This Wu allowed the user to become extremely flexible and stretch their body as if it were made of rubber. At first, it was thought that only the limbs of the user would become flexible, but later it was shown that the user's entire body is affected. The activator could stretch as far as they wish with the Lotus Twister, but the more spread out they became the more unbalanced they were.


It revealed itself at the same time as three other Wu and was won by Katnappé after a showdown with Kimiko Tohomiko. This particular Shen Gong Wu was tossed around between the Heylin and the Xiaolin sides.

Jack Spicer lost it to Raimundo Pedrosa in a showdown for the Reversing Mirror.

Kimiko used the Lotus Twister to clear stuff out under the furniture as part of her chores, Later it was among the Shen Gong Wu stolen by Jack using the Shard of Lightning.

Jack then traded it, along with other Wu, to Pandabubba for robot parts who later lost it to the Xiaolin Monks.

Clay used it while fighting his fear.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown


Xiaolin Showdown
  • Heylin (111: "Royal Rumble" - 113: "In the Flesh")
  • Raimundo (Heylin) (113: "In the Flesh" - 202: "Citadel of Doom")
  • Xiaolin (202: "Citadel of Doom" - 203: "The Shard of Lightning")
  • Heylin (203: "The Shard of Lightning" - 205: "Pandatown")
  • PandaBubba (205: "Pandatown")
  • Xiaolin (205: "Pandatown" - 313: "Time After Time: Part II")

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