Xiaolin Showdown


# Type Competitors Prize
Journey of a Thousand Miles 2
0 Battle Grand Master Dashi vs Wuya/ Grand Master Dashi, Monk Guan, Chase Young, Omi vs Wuya -
The exact match is not know as there are two versions.

  • Version 1: In this version, Dashi and Wuya are standing on different cliffs across from each other. Dashi using his signature Shen Gong Wu, the Eye of Dashi, while Wuya is using her Heylin magic. Dashi is able to outpower Wuya long enough to imprison her in a mystical box.
  • Version 2: In this version, Dashi, Guan, and Chase Young are fighting Wuya in at what will later be the Xiaolin Temple. Wuya uses her magic to attack the Monks with her rock creatures. The rock creatures seem to match the three. Mid battle, Omi joins and with their combined power the four of them beat the creatures. Wuya is then trapped in the mystical box, losing the showdown.

Season One

# Type Competitors Prize
Journey of a Thousand Miles

Pillar Hopping

Omi vs Jack Spicer Eye of Dashi
  • Omi: Two-Ton Tunic
  • Jack: Mantis Flip Coin

Summary: The Showdown starts off with Dojo explaining how they work. After learning that they can use their Wu, both competitors start off. Jack uses his coin to gain a lead, and to make sure he keeps that lead, he cheats and his Jack-bots to interfere. Omi however uses what his friends have taught him, using the tunic with Clay's advice, turning off the bots with Kimiko's advice, and embarrassing Jack with Raimundo's advice, allowing him to gain the lead and reach the Eye of Dashi first, winning him the match.

Like A Rock! Showdown

Catch the Robin

Clay vs Jack Spicer Fist of Tebigong
  • Clay: Eye of Dashi
  • Jack: Third-Arm Sash

Summary: The Showdown starts off with the arena modifying and the robin flies off. Using his Jack-Pack, Jack chases after the bird. He tries to catch it with the sash, but cannot catch it. Meanwhile Clay just stands there doing preparatory stretches. Jack continues to chase the robin, closing in on it, but always failing at the last second. Meanwhile Clay goes to some sunflowers and starts collecting seeds in his hat. He uses those seeds to lure the bird in, catching it and winning the showdown.

Tangled Web PreShowdown

Cliff Climbing

Kimiko vs Jack Spicer Monkey Staff
  • Kimiko: Fist of Tebigong
  • Jack: Jetbootsu

Summary: The Showdown starts off with Kimiko and Jack climbing the steep side of a cliff. Jack has an advantage due to his Jetbootsu allowing him to defy gravity making him able to walk on the Cliffside. Kimiko uses her Fist of Tebigong's strength to slam it into the side of the cliff causing a rock slide but forgetting about Jack's Jetbootsu that makes him defy gravity causing the rocks to fall toward her and shove her off of the cliff. Allowing Jack to keep walking and pull the monkey staff out of the Cliffside and winning the showdown.

Tangled Web Showdown

Bridge Race

Kimiko vs Jack Spicer Golden Tiger Claws
  • Kimiko: Tangle Web Comb
  • Jack: Monkey Staff

Summary: The Race starts as Jack's new monkey agilities from the Monkey Staff help him as he gains a speedy start, Kimiko on the other hand is wearing formal Japanese clothing which makes her have to walk until she kicks her shoes off of at the bridge she is on. She then starts to get close to Jack and uses her Tangle Web Comb in an attempt to stop Jack but fails as Master Fung told her that she needs to have absolute focus to have control of the comb. Kimiko doesn't realize that until she has been completely tied up by the comb and Jack has destroyed some of her bridge. She reaches absolute focus and manages to whip her way into the air above Jack who has let the claws fall, but before he could reach it Kimiko uses the comb's power to tie it up and into her hands winning her the showdown.

Katnappe! Showdown


Omi vs Katnappe Changing Chopsticks
  • Omi: Golden Tiger Claws
  • Katnappe: Fist of Tebigong

Summary: Omi starts the showdown with confidence but then is crushed when Katnappe uses her Fist of Tebigong by smashing it into the ground and knocking Omi over and his tiger claws to slip off and roll into Katnappe's hands. Katnappe then uses the Golden Tiger Claws power and cut slash to be transported above Omi and tag him on top of the head thus winning Katnappe the showdown.

Shen Yi Bu Showdown

Shen Yi Bu Dare: Stay Aboard

Raimundo vs Tubbimaru Shroud of Shadows
  • Raimundo: Two Ton Tunic, Eye of Dashi
  • Tubbimura: Sword of the Storm, Fist of Tebigong

Summary: The Showdown starts off as both atop of huge stone pillars on which they are atop, lower below they see Giant Pond Fish leaping out of the air. Tubbimaru tries to end it quickly by using his Sword of the Storm but Raimundo uses his Two Ton Tunic to weigh him down so he is not pushed off. Rai then counters with his Eye of Dashi trying to shock Tubbimura but he uses his Fist of Tebigong to absorb the electricty, but not soon enough the two fish leap into the air and swap the Wu. Quickly after the exchange Tubbimaru uses his Sword of the Storm to knock Raimundo into the air but he uses his Fist of Tebigong to get himself back on his platform but it breaks under the weight leaving Rai grabbing on the side, but soon enough his luck changes as he obtains the Sword of the Storm and Raimundo chooses to purposely fall off his pillar and combines the Eye of Dashi with the Sword of the Storm and has himself flying over the water and then uses his power to try to blow Tubbimaru but his Two Ton Tunic helps him out but not for long as Raimundo uses the combined strength of two Shen Gong Wu and lifts Tubbimaru up and throws him into the water below winning Raimundo the showdown.

Chameleon Showdown

Pillar Jumping

Jack Spicer vs Chameleon-Bot (as Kimiko) Helmet of Jong
  • Jack Spicer: Changing Chopsticks
  • Chameleon-Bot (as Kimiko): Third-Arm Sash

Summary: The showdown starts off both Jack and the Chameleon-bot race at even speeds, but not for long as the bot speeds ahead of Jack and he flies over to her and whispers to her to make the showdown look good and she uses her Third-Arm Sash to try to grab jack but fails and starts jumping toward the Helmet of Jong. The Chameleon-but is a finger grab away from the Helmet of Jong when she "trips" off at the pillar allowing a flying Jack to win the showdown.

Ring of the Nine Dragons Showdown


Omi vs Jack Spicer Falcon's Eye
  • Omi: Ring of the Nine Dragons
  • Jack: Third-Arm Sash

Summary: The race starts off as Jack takes an early lead. But a speedy Omi catches up soon without effort as just laughing his way down the course. Jack soon becomes confused at this view. Omi keeps the lead until he started to relax on his snowboard. Jack regains the lead and leads the two of them off of a ramp that leads him to almost fall of a the snowy track, but uses his Third-Arm Sash to grab onto a nearby tree. Jack then wips around to find himself clashing into a very happy Omi offering a Hug. Omi then turns around to faceplant himself onto his snowboard making him the race leader. In no time Omi would be fingers grab away from winning the showdown until his snowboard slides off the slope of the hill just to fall unto a group of 4 Omi's and snow. The Omi's merge together late enough to allow Jack to easily grab the Falcon's Eye and win the showdown.

Night of the Sapphire Dragon Showdown

Find the Wu

Omi vs Jack Spicer Sapphire Dragon
  • Omi: Mantis Flip Coin
  • Jack: Falcon's Eye

Summary: The Showdown starts off as Omi quickly uses his Mantis Flip Coin to catch up to a flying Jack. They both collide into each other in an attempt to grab the Sapphire Dragon, making it fall into the magma below. Jack uses his Falcon's Eye to spot the Dragon under the magma. Before he could reach it a pillar rises bringing up the Wu leads Omi to kick him away. Jack then cheats and shoots Omi into a ball of glob and spotting the Sapphire Dragon in the magma again. but before he could go after it the volcano erupted leading the dragon up; leading Omi to biting the Wu away from Jack and winning the showdown.

My Homey Omi Showdown

Shen Yi Bu Dare: Basketball

Omi and Jermaine vs Jack and Transforming-Bot Serpent's Tail
  • Omi and Jermaine: Mantis Flip Coin and Falcon's Eye
  • Jack and Transforming-Bot: Jetbootsu and Shroud of Shadows

Summary: The showdown starts off as Jack quickly uses his Jetbootsu to get the ball and score. Jermaine and Omi then get possession of the ball but lose it as Jack's Transforming-Bot takes it away with wind and uses his long arms to score. Jack then uses his Shroud of Shadows to pull down Omi's pants when the ball is passed to him, making it bounce off his head and into his hands and scoring. Jack then reveals himself, while Omi and Jermaine use the Mantis Flip Coin to both Score. Omi's team soon gets back into the game by using the Mantis Flip coin to score quickly. The Game becomes tied heading into the final minutes, Jack's Transforming-Bot stomps on Jermaine releasing the ball into Jacks's hands also with the Mantis Flip Coin into Omi's but he uses his speed to take back the ball and score the winning basket winning them the showdown.

Big as Texas Showdown

Hinabi in the Haystack

Clay vs Jack Spicer Star of Hinabi
  • Clay: Serpent's Tail
  • Jack: Sword of the Storm

Summary: The showdown starts off as both Clay and Jack are lifted into the air by flying saddles. Clay gets off to the lead in the search for the Star Hinabi but, leads them both out of the other side of the haystack. Clay's father tells him that he should check the bottom and so he does, but has no luck finding it. Flying pitchforks are soon seen following Clay into the haystack and uses his Serpent's Tail to become ghostly and go through the hay. Clay soon spots the Star Hinabi, but is sent flying out of the haystack by Jack's Sword of the Storm to create a tornado; sending the star into the air leading Jack to chase after it but Clay stops him by trapping him in his lasso and leading him to crash into a cow. Allowing Clay to grab the Star and winning the showdown.

Royal Rumble Showdown1

Gator Hopping

Kimiko vs Katnappe Lotus Twister
  • Kimiko: Mantis Flip Coin
  • Katnappe: Tangled Web Comb

Summary: The showdown stars off as both Kimiko and Katnappe chase after the Lotus Twister on their hovercrafts, but are soon knocked off by the raging water and land on the heads of two giant alligators. Katnappe jumps away while Kimiko uses her Mantis Flip Coin to catch up to Katnappe and does so. Katnappe uses her Tangled Web Comb to get herself to a tree while Kimiko uses her Mantis Flip Coin to keep hopping gators. Katnappe tries to ensure her victory by calling Kimiko's cellphone and using the ringtone to make the gators surround her and send her flying away, but manages to escape by tossing her phone away but then is trapped in a net by Katnappe allowing herself to grab the Lotus Twister and winning the showdown.

Royal Rumble Showdown2

Hide and Seek

Raimundo vs Chameleon-Bot Longi Kite
  • Raimundo: Falcon's Eye
  • Chameleon-Bot: Two Ton Tunic

Summary: The showdown starts off as the Chameleon-Bot starts walking to look for the hidden Longi Kite while Raimundo tries to use his Falcon's Eye to spot the Kite but is splashed over by a huge wave causing both him and the Chameleon-Bot into the water. Raimundo finds his Falcon's Eye but then notices that he is surrounded by the Chameleon-Bot transformed into a shark. Raimundo evades the shark but then the Chameleon-Bot transforms into an octopus and tries to attack him with its tentacles and manages to grab him with 2 of them and grab the Longi Kite with another winning it the showdown.

Royal Rumble Showdown3

Race across the Ice

Clay vs Tubbimura Tongue of Saiping
  • Clay: Serpent's Tail
  • Tubbimura: Changing Chopsticks

Summary: The showdown starts off as Clay uses his Serpent's Tail to go ghost and pass through a gigantic ice glacier infront of him while Tubbimura runs on the side of it quickly catching up to Clay. Tubbimura then slides onto his belly making him slide quickly in the race across the ice ahead of Clay. They both finish evenly from racing across the glacier and end up standing on opposite sides of the Tongue of Saiping. The ice starts breaking under their feet making Tubbimura lose excess stuff in an attempt to make himself lighter and not sink; and in the process begins throwing fish at Clay allowing seals to surround him and entrap him making him sink into the water and allowing Tubbimura to use his Changing Chopsticks to shrink down and grab the Tongue of Saiping without breaking through the ice and winning the showdown.

Royal Rumble Showdown4

Race with a Twist

Omi vs Jack Spicer Sun Chi Lantern
  • Omi: Star of Hinabi
  • Jack: Monkey Staff

Summary: The showdown starts off as Omi is walking at a good speed carrying his cup of water in hand but soon loses the lead he has on a Monkey Jack who is holding his cup of water with his tail and shows Omi that he has made Robot's to "accompany" Omi but soon start to attack him, but manages to escape by using the water in his cup and his dragon element to destroy the robots and making the water land in his cup without spilling a drop. Omi manages to catch up to Jack and uses a smart strategy of putting the water in his mouth and bouncing off of Jack and grabbing the Sun Chi Lantern and then pours the water from his mouth back into the glass showing he has won the showdown.

Mala Mala Jong (episode) Showdown

Acorn Collecting

Omi vs Jack Spicer Heart of Jong
  • Omi: Jetbootsu
  • Jack: Lotus Twister

Summary: This showdown starts off as Jack uses his Lotus Twister to extend his arms and take acorns from high above trees. Omi then uses his Jetbootsu to climb high up on the trees and grab acorns quickly. Omi has the lead until Jack uses his rubbery body due to the Twister and sends Omi flying into trees causing a giant pile of acorns to fall on Jack giving him the lead and the causes him to win the showdown.

In the Flesh Showdown

Flashlight Tag

Raimundo vs Jack Spicer Reversing Mirror
  • Raimundo: Golden Tiger Claws
  • Jack: Lotus Twister

Summary: This showdown starts off as Jack uses his Lotus Twister to make his body rubbery and expendable while Raimundo uses his Golden Tiger Claws to transport himself away from the light before it gets him. Jack uses his expendable body to reach farther distances making him accept faster and simpler. Raimundo tries to escape but Jack grabs his legs and wraps his arms around him to trap him, but uses his Golden Tiger Claws to push the Jack off of the ledge he is on causing him to fall into the light beam's light and allows Raimundo to win the showdown.

Season Two

# Type Competitors Prize
Days Past Showdown

Take the Pebble

Omi vs Dashi Puzzle Box
  • Omi: Orb of Tornami
  • Dashi:

Summary: When the showdown starts, a giant hourglass is placed in a courtyard, and stairs in every direction surround the hourglass. Dashi begins running through the stairs, and Omi struggles to follow him. Omi fails to catch up to him as time is passing. Omi uses the Orb of Tornami to flood the area, but Dashi breaks down a door and uses it to float on the water. Dashi mocks Omi for using Wu against a Grand Master Dragon, and Omi uses the Orb to freeze Dashi's hand with the pebble in it. Dashi slides down the stairs on his hand and escapes. Omi follows him, and tries one last attempt to get the pebble, but fails. As Omi fears he is about to lose, Dashi points out he never tried asking for the pebble. Omi, confused by this choice, asks him for the pebble, and receives it, winning the showdown.

Shard of Lightning Showdown

Xiaolin Trio: Last Man Standing

Omi vs Jack Spicer vs Jack-Bot Silver Manta Ray
  • Omi: Tongue of Saiping
  • Jack: Shard of Lightning
  • Robo-Jack: Shroud of Shadows

Summary: When the showdown starts, the tree that the Silver Manta Ray was on rises into the air. At the top of the new tree is a bulb that the competitors fight in. The Jacks bump into each other, starting into a fight. However, Robot Jack knows Jack's every move. Jack uses the Shard of Lightning to take off Robot Jack's head, while Robot Jack uses the Shroud of Shadows to cover the rest of his body. The invisible body pushes Jack out of the bulb to leave him dangling on the edge. Robot Jack reattaches his head, knocks Jack down to the bottom, and prepares to fight Omi. Robot Jack uses the Shroud of Shadows again, and Omi walks to the opening in the bulb Jack made when he crashed through. Since Jack wants to get revenge on Robot Jack, he tells Omi what he would do in a fight. Robot Jack follows these same moves, and Omi is able to deflect them, and pull the Shroud of Shadows off of him. Omi pulls out the Tongue of Saiping and calls on hummingbirds, jaguars, and elephants in turn to attack Robot Jack. After the elephant squishes Robot Jack, Omi is the last man standing and wins the showdown.

Crystal Glasses Showdown

Find the Exit

Omi vs Vlad Wushu Helmet
  • Omi: Crystal Glasses
  • Vlad: Two Ton Tunic

Summary: When the showdown starts, a golden path appears with various directions to choose from. Golden faces are floating around the path, with a cyclone of water as the boundary in the showdown. Vlad pushes Omi out of the way and runs down the path. Omi falls onto a golden face, and the face falls in front of Vlad, stopping him in his tracks. Omi jumps on the top of the golden faces, sending them towards Vlad in an attempt to stop him. Vlad uses the Two-Ton Tunic as a barricade against all attacks. Omi uses his martial arts abilities to ascend higher on the path. He then uses the Crystal Glasses to avoid the golden faces that are falling around him. Both Vlad and Omi try many paths, but they all end in dead ends. Their paths meet again with the water still coming up from underneath. Omi uses his elemental power to lower the water level. Vlad throws Omi aside, thinking he's won. Omi sends a torrent of water at Vlad, knocking him into a golden face. Five golden faces fall around him and traps him. Omi makes a sphere of water around him and shoots off. He grabs the bag of Wu, his fellow monks, and flies on toward the exit, winning the showdown.

Pandatown Showdown

Xiaolin Trio: Exit the Harbor

Raimundo vs Jack vs Pandabubba Longi Kite
  • Raimundo: Eye of Dashi
  • Jack: Tangled Web Comb
  • Pandabubba: Fist of Tebigong

Summary: When the showdown starts, the other monks and PandaBubba's henchmen are high above the competitors, who are all standing on a log. Three boats float down, which they each get on. The three challengers swerve in and out the different passageways, trying to find the end. Raimundo tries to hit Jack with his Eye of Dashi, but misses. Jack uses his Tangle Web Comb to tear off a piece of his boat, and PandaBubba destroys Raimundo's boat as well with his Fist of Tebigong. Raimundo begins to sink slowly into the river. Jack and PandaBubba are neck and neck as Raimundo starts sinking into a whirlpool. Raimundo uses his elemental move to escape the whirlpool, showing mastery over his element. Raimundo uses the Eye of Dashi with his element to create a big tidal wave that he rides to the finish line and swamps Jack and PandaBubba with, winning the showdown for him.

Sizing Up Omi Showdown 1

Stay on the Pillar

Clay vs Cyclops Glove of Jisaku
  • Clay: Reversing Mirror
  • Cyclops: Wings of Tinabi

Summary: When the showdown starts, they both rise up on pillars of rock. Clay uses his signature move to knock Cyclops off his pillar. Cyclops stays up though with the Wings of Tinabi. Cyclops flies into Clay's pillar and knocks him off. Clay uses the Reversing Mirror to alter the effects of the Wings of Tinabi, slamming Cyclops into a wall. As he starts sliding down the rock, Cyclops smashes the rock Clay is standing on, sending him down first, winning the showdown for Cyclops.

Sizing Up Omi Showdown

Shen Yi Bu Dare: Across the Valley of Death

Omi vs Cyclops Thorn of Thunderbolt
  • Omi: Wings of Tinabi and Orb of Tornami
  • Cyclops: Reversing Mirror and Jetbootsu

Summary: When the showdown starts, a path is laid before the competitors, with gnarled trees on the edge of the path. Omi uses the Wings of Tinabi to fly over jumps in the path. Cyclops gets in the lead, but trips, allowing Omi to fly past him. Omi flies into a tiny crack in a rock. Cyclops tries to go through, but crashes into the wall. He uses the JetBootsu to fly over the large rock. The JetBootsu malfunction and he rolls down the other side straight toward Omi. Cyclops gets up and smacks Omi to the side of the track. Omi maintains control of the Wings of Tinabi and uses the Orb of Tornami to freeze the track, causing Cyclops to slip and allowing him to slide to the finish line, winning the showdown.

Enter the Dragon Showdown

Capture the Opponent

Omi vs Dojo Silk Spitter
  • Omi: Changing Chopsticks
  • Dojo: Fist of Tebigong

Summary: When the showdown starts, many rocks fall down from above. The arena for the showdown is very big, with Omi and Dojo being a speck in it. Omi immediately starts running down a path, with Dojo in heavy pursuit. Omi uses the Changing Chopsticks and the Reversing mirror to turn a pebble into a very large rock and hurl it at Dojo. Omi runs into a small tunnel, that Dojo can't reach. Dojo starts blowing fire down the tunnel to lure Omi out. Omi gets shot out of a lava geyser sitting on a piece of rock. Omi lands in a pile of lava and beings jumping from one pillar of rock to the next. Dojo breathes fire at him again, but Omi sends it back at him with the Reversing Mirror. Omi continues jumping until he finds a dead end. Dojo tries to eat him, but he escapes with the Shroud of Shadows, causing the Dojo heads to eat lava. Omi reappears and starts taunting Dojo. Dojo lunges at Omi and gets shoved into his cage. Omi shrinks the cage down to size and locks it, winning the showdown.

The Sands of Time Showdown

Tag Team: Pyramid Maze

Omi and Old Omi vs Jack and Old Jack Ruby of Ramses
  • Omi and Old Omi: Third Arm Sash and Thorn of Thunderbolt
  • Jack and Old Jack: Monkey Staff and Mantis Flip Coin

Summary: When the showdown starts, a pyramid rises out of the ground and splits into 3 layers. The Ruby of Ramses is floating at the top. The Omis and Jack begin running through the maze, searching for the portal to the next level. Jack tries to cheat and fly through the red maze above the level, but it blows up the helipack. The Omis encounter a mummy, which Old Omi destroys, only to find the Jacks have reached the next level. The ground starts crumbling on the first level, and the Omis barely make it to the second level. The Omis and Jacks continue to search on the second layer, and they both find the portal at the same time. On the way up the portal, the Omis and Jacks are trying to push the other one off. On the third level, Old Omi uses the Thorn of Thunderbolt to knock the Jacks out of the pyramid. The Omis then reach the Ruby of Ramses at the top, winning the showdown.

Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil Showdown

Game of Uncle

Omi vs Jack Spicer Bag of Wu
  • Omi: Silk Spitter
  • Jack: Mind Reader Conch

Summary: When the showdown starts, pipes and wires start to move and connect to create an arena for the showdown. Jack uses the Mind Reader Conch to find out Omi's attack strategy. When Omi attacks, Jack easily dodges him. Omi fires more silk, which gets dodged, then swings down toward the other monks. He comes up with a plan to have the other monks distract Jack Spicer with their thoughts. This strategy works, and Omi is able to hit Jack again and again until Jack cries Uncle, winning the showdown for Omi.

Dreamscape Showdown

Eight-Way Cosmic Clash Showdown: Sumo Wrestling

Xiaolin Monks vs Worst Fears Crouching Cougar
  • Xiaolin Monks: Two-Ton Tunic Lotus Twister Shroud of Shadows Silk Spitter
  • Worst Fears: Fist of Tebigong Serpent's Tail Eye of Dashi Third-Arm Sash

Summary: When the showdown starts, a circular platform is raised high above the ground with the competitors on it. A green light borders the circle, marking the boundary for the showdown. All of the competitors grow very large and are given sumo wrestling attire. Kimiko's fear uses the Eye of Dashi to start the showdown. Kimiko dodges and tries to use the Shroud of Shadows, but finds that it doesn't cover her entire body. Raimundo uses the silk spitter to glue together all the tentacles of his fear, but it uses the Third Arm Sash to grab him anyway. Clay narrowly dodges his grandmother with the Lotus Twister. Omi's squirrel uses the Serpent's Tail to appear in front of him, ready to attack. Suddenly, Omi remembers Master Fung's advice on how to face your fear. This gives Omi confidence, and he uses the Two-Ton Tunic to knock the squirrel out of the ring. This gives all the other monks the confidence they need, and they throw their fears out of the ring one by one, winning the showdown for the monks.

Master Monk Guan (episode) Showdown

Martial Arts

Master Monk Guan vs Chase Young Dojo and Monk's Freedom
  • Master Monk Guan: The Monks and Dojo's Freedom
  • Chase Young: Guan to serve Young forever

Summary: When the showdown starts, Chase Young has a spear of his own, and the two begin sparring with equal strength. Chase eventually gets a hit, and sends Guan flying. Chase activates a lever, and a ring of lava surrounds the competitors. Chase pins him down, but Guan uses his spear to escape. Both fighters drop their spears and begin to fight in hand to hand combat. Chase hits Guan once, but Guan rebounds with several attacks at Chase, sending him to the edge of the arena. Chase activates another lever, and several mirrors arise, creating confusion. Guan jumps on top, but Chase activates another lever to turn the mirrors and send him falling. Chase begins sneaking up on Guan, and Guan focuses his energy, and unleashes it at Chase to send him flying toward the center of the arena and knocking him out, winning the showdown for Guan.

The Evil Within Showdown

Leave the Ring of Geysers with the Monarch Wings

Kimiko vs Sibini Monarch Wings
  • Kimiko: Eye of Dashi
  • Sibini: Tangled Web Comb

Summary: When the showdown starts, geysers shoot up into the air. Platforms of water are created in various directions that the competitors can stand on. Sibini grows to a larger form and begins jumping on the platforms, and Kimiko follows suit. Geysers start shooting water at Kimiko, and she is forced to dodge them. Sibini almost grabs the Monarch Wings, but a geyser surrounds the wings, blocking his attempt. The wings fly off toward Kimiko, and she reaches out to grab them. Sibini uses the Tangle Web Comb to ensnare her, and two geysers come straight for her. Kimiko uses the Eye of Dashi to break the comb's strands, and escapes the geysers. As she escapes, Sibini jumps up and grabs the Monarch Wings. The Mosaic Scale floats out of Kimiko's pocket toward Sibini, and merges with the Monarch Wings as Sibini jumps inside. Kimiko uses the Eye of Dashi and her fire element to trap Sibini inside the Shen Gong Wu, winning the showdown for her.

The Deep Freeze Showdown

Shen Yi Bu Dare: Ice Hockey

Omi vs Raksha Star of Hinabi
  • Omi: Orb of Tornami and Golden Tiger Claws
  • Raksha: Lunar Jocket and Heart of Jong

Summary: When the showdown starts, a hockey arena appears. Omi is seen wearing hockey clothes, and Raksha uses ice to make a new body and a hockey stick. The Star Hanabi is the puck, and Omi gets to it first, skating toward the goal. Raksha grabs him with his hockey stick, and flings him across the field, taking the puck for himself. He tries to score a goal, but Omi falls in front of it and the puck lands in his mouth. Omi spits the puck out over Raksha and races toward his goal. Raksha melts into water to slide past Omi, and becomes a wall of ice, blocking Omi's path. Raksha takes the puck and heads back toward Omi's goal. Omi uses the Orb of Tornami to send a tidal wave of water at Raksha, but Raksha deflects it with the moon by using the Lunar Locket. The water comes back at Omi, but Omi uses Tsunami strike to send the water back at Raksha. The puck lands in front of Omi, and a deformed, melted, Raksha stands between Omi and the goal. Omi hits the puck to knock out the Heart of Jong from Raksha, and they both fly into the goal, winning the showdown for Omi.

Screams of the Siren Showdown 1

Climb the Icy Mountain

Omi vs Jack Spicer Gills of Hamachi
  • Omi: Orb of Tornami
  • Jack: Jetbootsu

Summary: The showdown has already started when the episode begins. Omi is dazed on a platform of ice, as Jack skillfully skates around him. Jack and Omi both jump from ice platform to ice platform, going toward the prize Shen Gong Wu, the Gills of Hamachi, Omi having a little more trouble than Jack. Jack uses the Jetbootsu to easily climb the glacier where the Gills of Hamachi rest, while Omi is stuck at the bottom. Frustrated, Omi hits the glacier, creating a crack. This crack gives Omi inspiration, and he uses the Orb of Tornami in the crack, rapidly expanding it. This eventually causes the whole glacier to collapse, and Omi jumps up on the falling pieces to get to the Gills before Jack, winning the showdown for Omi.

Screams of the Siren Showdown 2

Steal the Wu

Omi vs Dyrus Black Beetle
  • Omi: Gills of Hamachi
  • Dyrus: Fist of Tebigong

Summary: When the showdown starts, Dyris starts off by flicking Omi against the wall with the Fist of Tebigong. Omi tries to slide forward, but Dyris smashes the Fist of Tebigong into the ground, sending him flying. The Gills of Hamachi go flying and land on his throat. He activates them, only to realize he can't breathe. Dyris picks up Omi, and is about to grab the Gills from his neck when Omi takes them off and sends a geyser of water at Dyris. He keeps the water pointing at her, causing her to stay in her mermaid form, and takes the Fist of Tebigong from her, winning the showdown.

The Black Vipers (episode) Showdown

Demolition Viper Bike Derby

Clay vs Jessie Bag of Wu
  • Clay: Changing Chopsticks
  • Jessie: Silk Spitter

Summary: When the showdown starts, rocks arise from the ground in the shape of a derby track. Jessie and Clay are in bikes that resemble vipers. Jessie uses the Silk Spitter to block the path behind her, but Clay uses the Changing Chopsticks to fly through a hole in the web. Clay lands in Jessie's hat, and flies off her, only to have Jessie fall off the track. Clay lassoes Jessie with a rope to save her, but she takes his bike and rides it through the finish line, winning the showdown.

The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back Showdown

The Ropes of Darkness

Xiaolin monks vs The Fearsome Four Emperor Scorpion
  • Xiaolin monks: Falcon's Eye
  • The Fearsome Four: Orb of Tornami

Summary: When the showdown starts, a vertical tunnel appears with many hooks hanging from it, that all the competitors grab. After they grab this, the ceiling closes up, creating total darkness. Mala Mala Jong uses the Orb of Tornami to knock Omi off a hook onto another. Omi gets hit again, and they soon find out that Mala Mala Jong can see him because of his dots. Clay gives him his hat so Omi can remain invisible. Clay knocks one of the Mala Malas into the bottom below, and Raimundo takes one down with him as well. Kimiko uses the Falcon's Eye to see, and gives directions to Clay until she is knocked down by a Mala Mala Jong. She gives the Falcon's Eye to Clay before she falls. Clay falls off, but is able to give Omi enough warning to grab the hook and stay in the game. Clay, Omi, and Raimundo use the Falcon's eye from below to help Omi. Kimiko uses her elemental move to create a ball of fire, creating light for Omi and the Mala Malas. Mala Mala Jong uses the Orb of Tornami on Omi, but he counters it with Tornado Strike, sending the Mala Mala Jong falling and taking the Orb of Tornami for himself. Omi uses the Orb of Tornami to send the rest of the Mala Mala Jongs to the bottom, winning the showdown for the monks.

The Return of PandaBubba Showdown

Goo Zombies 4

Kimiko vs Pandabubba Zing Zom-Bone
  • Kimiko: Silk Spitter
  • Pandabubba: Shroud of Shadows

Summary: When the showdown starts, Kimiko and Pandabubba are transported inside the video game, and the monks have to press start to begin the showdown. The game is Goo Zombies 4, which Kimiko realizes she never beat. Both competitors are given a cap, but Pandabubba throws his away. The first level is the zombie graveyard, and Kimiko is able to destroy them with her hat. Pandabubba uses the Shroud of Shadows to sneak up on the zombies and kill them, raising his score. Kimiko gets surrounded on all sides by zombies, and uses her hat to get rid of them. At the end of the first level, Pandabubba is winning. The second level is the haunted house, and Pandabubba gets a health boost at the beginning of it. Kimiko uses the Silk Spitter to kill some zombies, and runs away from many others, dropping the Silk Spitter in the process. Pandabubba picks it up, and hides a zombie with the Shroud of Shadows. Kimiko tries to run from the invisible zombie, but is trapped against a wall. She eventually sees the zombie's feet underneath, and is able to kill him, taking the Shroud of Shadows. The final level is the Monster Laboratory. Pandabubba tries to fight off the zombies, but gets swarmed, and becomes too weak to fight. Kimiko appears and takes the Silk Spitter back, heading to fight the final boss alone. Pandabubba warns her that her health is too low, but she goes in anyway. Kimiko uses the Shroud of Shadows to dodge the final boss, but he rips it off her. She tries to hit him with the Silk Spitter, but he dodges as well. The monsters shoots energy into red blocks next to Kimiko, which turns out to be power ups. Kimiko uses them, and sends fire at the monster, defeating it and winning the showdown.

The Last Temptation of Raimundo Showdown

Steal the Wu

Omi, Clay, and Kimiko vs Wuya (Raimundo's body) Raimundo's freedom
  • Omi, Clay, and Kimiko: Lotus Twister, Fist of Tebigong, and Tangle Web Comb
  • Wuya (Raimundo's body): Helmet of Jong, Third Arm Sash, and Mantis Flip Coin

Summary: When the showdown starts, Jack's house gets destroyed into tiny pieces and reformed as a globe representing Earth. Dojo is declared the keeper of the Shen Gong Wu, and travels to Hawaii on the globe to stay out of the way. Clay tries to hit Wuya with the Fist of Tebigong, but he knocks her back with the Third Arm Sash and takes the Wu. Kimiko uses the Tangle Web Comb, but Wuya jumps over her with the Mantis Flip Coin, and grabs the Tangle Web Comb from her. Omi uses the Lotus Twister and Wuya uses the Third Arm Sash and Mantis Flip Coin, both arriving at a stalemate. The monks take off other Shen Gong Wu that weren't wagered to confuse Wuya, and Omi uses the Lotus Twister to take off the Helmet of Jong. Wuya cheats and used the Shroud of Shadows to hide and easily fight the monks. Omi decides to call on Raimundo who he believes is still there by using Dragon X Kumei Formation. Raimundo hears this and starts fighting Wuya, ripping off Shen Gong Wu on his own. He takes off the Mantis Flip Coin and Third Arm Sash, winning the showdown for the monks.

The Year of the Green Monkey Showdown

Battle of the Monkey Bars

Omi vs Jack Spicer Changing Chopsticks
  • Omi: Mantis Flip Coin
  • Jack: Monkey Staff

Summary: When the showdown starts, a bottomless pit appears beneath the competitors, and bamboo bars appear in every direction, which the competitors hold on to. The arena rises high into the air, and is surrounded by a cage. Omi tries to attack Jack, but Monkey Jack easily dodges and attacks him with his teeth. Monkey Jack continues to attack Omi, proving a more worthy foe than regular Jack. Omi uses the Mantis Flip Coin to attack Jack and send him flying into the wall. Omi continues to use the coin, and bounces around until he arrives near the other monks. Omi asks Clay for a banana, which he uses as a trap for Monkey Jack. Jack tries to grab the banana, but his hand gets stuck. While he is occupied, Omi bites his bottom, similar to Jack's attack earlier, which distracts Jack and sends him flying back into the pit, winning the showdown for Omi.

The Demon Seed Showdown

Shen Yi Bu Dare: Find the Moonstone Locust

Raimundo vs Gigi Moonstone Locust
  • Raimundo: Falcon's Eye, Gills of Hamachi
  • Gigi: Thorn of Thunderbolt, Reversing Mirror

Summary: When the showdown starts, the trees all around the swamp rise and grow in size, and the Moonstone Locust sinks into the swamp water. Raimundo uses the Falcon's Eye to look through the water for the Wu, but almost gets zapped by the Thorn of Thunderbolt. Gigi uses the Thorn of Thunderbolt to send a giant limb crashing down on Raimundo, but he dives down with the Gills of Hamachi and escapes. Gigi uses his vines to search the water for Raimundo, but he dodges around them. Raimundo is about to grab the Wu, but Gigi uses the Reversing Mirror to stop him from breathing underwater, forcing him to come back to the surface. Raimundo tries to bring the Wu up with him with his feet, and it flies into the air. The Moonstone Locust is falling straight toward Gigi, but Raimundo knocks the Reversing Mirror at it, sending the Reversing Mirror into the water, and the Moonstone Locust into a tree. Raimundo jumps into the tree, and Gigi uses the Thorn of Thunderbolt on him. Raimundo reflects with the Reversing Mirror he got from the water, and takes the Moonstone Locust, winning the showdown.

The New Order Showdown

Follow the Leader

Omi vs Chase Young Mantis Flip Coin
  • Omi: Orb of Tornami
  • Chase: Shroud of Shadows

Summary: When the showdown starts, stalagmites rise from the ground and ceiling in many shapes. Omi beings the contest with Jumping Tiger Hitting Monkey, but Chase easily copies. Chase does Bison stomping Crane, and Omi is able to copy him as well. The two competitors continue to climb higher and higher, copying each other perfectly. Chase tries to fool Omi by doing Butterfly Fools Moth on Cyprus Tree, and uses the Shroud of Shadows to hide a stalagmite Omi was about to fall him. Omi continues to fall, but grabs another stalagmite, staying in the game. Omi jumps down to a ledge, but freezes Chases ledge when he tries to jump down. Chase slips and falls to the bottom, losing the showdown.

The Apprentice Showdown

Truth or Lies

Omi vs Jack Spicer Monsoon Sandals
  • Omi: Silk Spitter
  • Jack: Lotus Twister

Summary: When the showdown begins, Jack's house disappears, and many balloons with different symbols rise out of the ground. Omi and Jack each get on a balloon, and the showdown starts. Jack pops Omi's balloon, and Omi pops Jack's balloon. Omi asks Jack if he seeks world domination because he feels small and worthless, which Jack denies. The balloon confirms this was a lie and pops, sending Jack falling. Jack asks Omi if he works so hard because he has a big head, which Omi denies, telling the truth. Omi lies about his ego, however, and his balloon pops. Omi asks Jack if he took the Wu because he was afraid at failing at good, which turns out to be a truth, although Jack says it was a lie. Jack asks Omi if he believed him when he joined the temple, and Omi says he did, which is a truth. Jack Spicer claims he was going to fool them all along, which was a lie, causing him to fall all the way to the bottom, and winning the showdown for Omi.

Something Jermaine Showdown

Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami: Gladiator Fights

Omi vs Jermaine vs Jack Spicer vs Tubbimura Golden Finger
  • Omi: Ruby of Ramses
  • Jermaine: Lasso Boa Boa
  • Jack: Manchurian Musca
  • Tubbimura: Shroud of Shadows

Summary: When the showdown begins, all the competitors are in gladiator attire, and in the center of an arena. Dojo is the Master of Ceremonies and begins the showdown. When the showdown starts, lions come out a trapdoor and begin to attack. Jack transforms into a fly to escape, but gets attacked by a crow. After the lions, chariots come into the stadium, and the competitors each grab onto one. Tubbimura uses the Shroud of Shadows to hide his chariot, but Omi can see the wheels. Omi uses the Ruby of Ramses to remove the Shroud of Shadows off of Tubbimura. Jermaine continues to bump his chariot into Omi's chariot. Jermaine uses the Lasso Boa Boa to sling Tubbimura out of the ring. Omi tries to convince Jermaine that Chase Young is evil, but Jermaine won't believe him. Jermaine attacks, and Omi is forced to jump to the side, almost falling into a trap. Jermaine is mad at Omi for not being happy for his success, and Omi admits that he was jealous. Omi lays down his weapon to show that he won't hurt his friend, and Jermaine lays down his weapon as well, ending the showdown in a draw.

Dangerous Minds Showdown

Mud Wrestling

Omi vs Jack Spicer Hodoku Mouse
  • Omi: Orb of Tornami
  • Jack: Tongue of Saiping

Summary: When the showdown starts, mud starts pouring from many different holes in the wall. The Hodoku Mouse is submerged in mud and gets washed away. Jack searches for the Wu, but finds Omi instead. Omi shoots him back with the Orb of Tornami. Omi uses the Orb to search through the mud, and the Hodoku Mouse shoots into the air and falls back down. Omi swims to where it landed, but Jack cannonballs and splashes Omi away. Omi shoots water at Jack and sends him and the Wu flying. The Hodoku Mouse lands on a rock, and Omi and Jack run for it. Jack uses the Tongue of Saiping to summon the creatures of the underworld to attack Omi, and they bring the Wu to Jack, winning the showdown for him.

Season Three

# Type Competitors Prize
Finding Omi Showdown

Xiaolin Soccer

Xiaolin monks vs Chase Young and his jungle cats Omi's freedom

Summary: When the showdown starts, a large soccer arena appears where Chase's lair used to be. Dojo finds out that he is the ball for the showdown. The showdown begins, and the monks start with the ball. Chase's team is able to take it away from them and score for the first goal. The monks try again, but narrowly escape fire from the goalposts. Chase knocks Dojo into the goal for a second point. Chase and his team are able to easily score a third goal as well. The monks desperately try to think of a new strategy, and Omi tells them to use different moves that Chase doesn't know. Omi has the ball and outsmarts Chase with a new move, and score a goal. Kimiko and Raimundo both use their elemental moves, each scoring a goal and tying up the game. For the final goal, the monks use Dragon X Kumei Formation, knocking over all the players on Chase's team and sending Dojo flying into the net, winning the showdown for the monks, and restoring Omi to a human again.

The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean Showdown

Meteor Shower

Kimiko vs Wuya Moby Morpher
  • Kimiko: Yang Yo-Yo
  • Wuya: Ying Yo-Yo

Summary: When the showdown starts, the Moby Morpher is on a rock in the middle of a ring, with meteor craters all around. Wuya and Kimiko start the showdown and use their Wu to enter the Ying-Yang World, continuing to switch back between good and evil in order to dodge the meteors. They continue to go back and forth until Kimiko exits the Ying-Yang World good right next to the Moby Morpher. She grabs the Moby Morpher, winning the showdown, with Kimiko good and Wuya evil.

Omi Town Showdown

Bamboo Hopping

Omi vs Omi's Mother (Jack-Bot) Pile of Wu
  • Omi: Lasso Boa Boa
  • Omi's Mother (Jack-Bot): Orb of Tornami

Summary: When the showdown starts, bamboo poles nearby rise from the ground into the air, and Omi and his mother both stand on top of one. Omi's mother begins to attack him with her bamboo stick, but Omi is hesitant to fight against his mother. He continues to dodge her attacks, but refuses to fight back. Omi's mother tries to finish the showdown by knocking him down with the Orb of Tornami, but Omi's instincts kick in, and he sends the water flying back towards his mother, sending her falling to the ground and her head flying off, revealing that she is a robot. This wins the showdown for Omi.

Treasure of a Blind Swordsman Showdown

Emperor of the Train

The Guardian vs Jack and Wuya Bag of Wu
  • Guardian: Mantis Flip Coin, Treasure of the Blind Swordsman
  • Jack and Wuya: Thorn of Thunderbolt and Silk Spitter

Summary: When the showdown starts, Jack's robot train flies to a planet, whose ring expands into forms a track that another, larger, train is on. Jack attacks with the Thorn of Thunderbolt, but the guardian jumps up and walks on the electricity to knock Jack down. Wuya attacks with the Silk Spitter, but the guardian collects all the silk on his cane. Wuya and Jack are surprised he can fight so well because he is blind, but he tells them there are other ways to see besides using your eyes. The Guardian continues to fight them both, and is able to counter all their attacks and send them both flying to opposite ends of the train. Wuya and Jack try to double team him by attacking with Thorn of Thunderbolt and Silk Spitter at the same time, but the guardian jumps up and the attacks keep going and hit the other fighter, knocking both Wuya and Jack off the train, winning the showdown for the guardian.

Oil in the Family Showdown

Jurassic Chess

Raimundo vs T-Rex Rio Reverso
  • Raimundo: Ruby of Ramses
  • T-Rex: Changing Chopsticks

Summary: When the showdown starts, a giant chessboard rises from the ground, with Raimundo and T-Rex in the center of the board. Raimundo uses the Ruby of Ramses to move his pieces around the board, and T-Rex uses his own strength. T-Rex destroys one of Raimundo's pieces and starts chasing after him. When he has him pinned to the ground, Raimundo uses the Ruby of Ramses to knock a chess piece into him. T-Rex knocks a chess piece at Raimundo, making him stuck between two pieces. While T-Rex is busy with Raimundo, Raimundo uses the Ruby of Ramses to corner T-Rex's king, winning the showdown with checkmate.

The Return of Master Monk Guan Showdown

Xiaolin Sparring

Omi vs Raimundo Bag of Wu, Treasure of the Blind Swordsman
  • Omi: Gills of Hamachi
  • Raimundo: Fancy Feet

Summary: When the showdown starts, three platforms rise out of the water, with Omi and Raimundo on one of them. They are both evenly matched, but Raimundo uses the Fancy Feet to give him an advantage. His kicks and jumps are quicker than Omi's, and he is able to continue to wear him out. Raimundo knocks Omi in the water, then jumps in and knocks him back onto land. Master Monk Guan gives Omi some encouragement, and he uses his Wudai move to raise the water level and submerge the platforms. Omi uses the Gills of Hamachi to allow breathing, but Raimundo uses his Wudai move to blow away all the water, leaving Omi flopping around in Dojo's boat trying to breathe. Hannibal is gloating over his victory, and Guan offers to raise the stakes in the middle of the showdown. Dojo calls an official time-out, and Hannibal wagers his Treasure of the Blind Swordsman against the rest of Guan's Shen Gong Wu. The other monks are unsure if he should do this, but Hannibal accepts, and the showdown continues. Dojo flies Omi back up to the top platform, and Omi removes the Gills of Hamachi. Omi is very weak, and Raimundo is about to finish him, when he suddenly falls over, defeated, purposely losing the showdown and winning the showdown for Omi.

Dream Stalker Showdown

Cosmic Clash: Jungle Judo

Xiaolin monks vs Sapphire Creatures Shadow Slicer
  • Xiaolin monks: Orb of Tornami
  • Sapphire Creatures: Sapphire Dragon

Summary: When the showdown starts, three different platforms appear where the three competitors fight. Omi attacks the Sapphire Dragon with the Orb of Tornami, but gets knocked backward, with an ice cage all around him. Raimundo, inside his head, is watching all this with Hannibal Roy Bean. Hannibal taunts Raimundo, saying he isn't good enough to be a Xiaolin monk. Raimundo watches the showdown as Clay, Kimiko, and the two jungle animals are knocked off, leaving Omi and the Sapphire Dragon. Raimundo admits that he's afraid, but starts to believe he is good enough. Hannibal continues to taunt him and diminish his spirits, but Raimundo fights back. At the showdown, Omi is running from the Sapphire Dragon, then gets hit by its flame and gets turned to sapphire. Raimundo and his smaller self both use their Wudai powers to knock Hannibal out of their head, making the Sapphire Dragon vanish, and winning the showdown for the monks.

Chucky Choo Showdown

Xiaolin Pinball

Dojo vs Wuya Orb of Tornami

Summary: Dojo falls on the Orb of Tornami while Wuya is touching it, starting a Xiaolin Showdown. Wuya wagers the stolen Shen Gong Wu, but Dojo doesn't have to wager anything because he has no criminal record. The game is Xiaolin Pinball, and the first to one million points wins. When the showdown starts, Wuya and Dojo are shrunk into a pinball machine, with the monks watching from above. The lever pulls back and shoots them into the game. Wuya and Dojo bounce around and continue to rack up points, with Dojo slightly in the lead. Wuya knocks Dojo into the gutter, stopping his streak and stalling him. When Dojo gets shot into the game again, Wuya is prepared and sends him out of the game again. Wuya touches two bumpers and continues to get points until she has one million, winning the showdown.

Wu Got the Power Showdown

Cosmic Battle

Omi vs Hannibal Bean Nothing

Xiaolin Chronicles

Season One

# Type Competitors Prize
New Monk on the Block Showdown

Snowball Flinging

Ping Pong vs Jack Spicer Bubble Brains
  • Ping Pong: Orb of Torpedo
  • Jack Spicer: Monkey Spear

Summary: When the showdown starts, a mountain rise from the snow-covered ground, and the Bubble Brains is on top of it. Jack and Ping Pong run up the trail on the side of the mountain. Ping Pong gets in the lead, but snow shoots out of a nearby mountain and sends him flying while Jack gets in the lead. Ping Pong uses the Orb of Torpedo to shoot himself upwards and makes a shortcut to the top of the mountain. When Jack sees this, he uses the Monkey Spear to climb up as well. Jack catches up to Ping Pong and knocks him away. Ping Pong knocks him away with the Orb of Torpedo, but Jack climbs back up and knocks him down the mountain. As Jack is about to grab the Bubble Brains, Ping Pong throws a snowball upwards. It goes above Jack, but rolls downhill toward Jack, getting bigger and bigger. The snowball knocks Jack off the mountain and sending the Bubble Brains down toward Ping Pong. Ping Pong catches it, winning the showdown for the monks.

The Fall of Xiaolin Showdown


Willow vs Jack Spicer vs Chase Young Dodgeball Bat
  • Willow: Medusa Comb
  • Jack Spicer: Shroud of Monster Camo
  • Chase Young: N/A


3. Omi vs Jack Spicer


4. Kimiko vs Shadow

5. Omi vs Shadow

6.Omi vs Chase Young

7.Omi vs.Chase Young

8.Clay vs Jack Spicer