Le Mime

Affiliated with: Heylin
Place of origin: 🇫🇷 Paris, France
Introduced in: Like a Rock!
Last seen in: Time After Time: Part 2
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Le Mime


Affiliated with: Heylin
Place of origin: Paris, France
Introduced in: Super Cow Patty
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Le Mime was a mime from France who had magical abilities when creating his "illusions" and was sided with the Heylin.


Though his past was never revealed, it is known that Le Mime originated from Paris, France, which is where he encountered Wuya and Jack.[1]


Le Mime had no distinct personality as he never spoke; however, he did consistently boast a smile. He was affiliated with the Heylin.[1]

Physical Appearance

Le Mime looked like a stereotypical mime. He wore a red and white striped shirt, grey/black hat, black trousers and black shoes. He also wore white face make up and red make up for his cheeks.[1]

Powers and Weaknesses


Le Mime was a Magical Mime.

  • Magical Miming: Le Mime possesses magical powers which allow any object he mimes to manifest as a solid, but invisible construct. He had been able to create imaginary prisons as well as boxing gloves, ropes and other invisible forces become solid. In Xiaolin Chronicles his powers have been developed. He could create various invisible forces, like walls, boxes, bats, a horse and even control an army of little Mimes who have his powers. [1] He first demonstrated his powers to Jack Spicer when he lassoed him and then shot him in the gut with an imaginary golf ball.


  • Once he forms his solid constructs, others will be able to change or alter it with their "mind's eye" and personal creativity,[1] such as the Xiaolin Dragons imagining a door to escape a box he trapped them in. 
  • Physically, he is incredibly weak and though he can copy the attack power of his opponents, this can backfire if directed towards himself. Clay Bailey was able to defeat him by having him mirror punching himself in the face. While Clay was strong enough to remain standing, Le Mime knocked himself unconscious


Jack Spicer & Wuya

Upon discovering his magical abilities, Heylin villains Jack and Wuya recruited Le Mime to help them collect Shen Gong Wu. He later mirrored Clay's every move, until Clay punched himself in the face, in which he was outsmarted and knocked out by the cowboy.[1]

Major Battles

Le Mime did not participate in any Xiaolin Showdowns.


Xiaolin Showdown Xiaolin Chronicles

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season One


  • Le Mime's photo appeared on a blog that Vlad showed to Jack.[2]
  • Le Mime was one of the many villains who wanted to buy fake Shen Gong Wu from Chucky Choo.
  • He returned for the final clash at the end of Xiaolin Showdown.[3]


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