The Land of Nowhere was a territory run by Chase Young.


The Land of Nowhere was ruled by Chase Young, though it seemed to not have any human residents. The land did, however, have giant flying, fire-breathing grey squirrels, vultures, an undead serpent-like dragon, and various bones scattered about. The Bird of Paradise was found here; The Ying Ying Bird was also first seen here (though in disguise). Chase was able to control this land and cause "natural" disasters from his lair and could teleport to and from here. This area was located beyond the Valley of Somewhere, but not as far as the Jungle of Neither Here Nor There. It contained the Canyon of Doom and Agony and the Bone Yard.

Did You Know...

  • This place was refered to by Dojo as "one scary neighborhood."
  • It is possible that Chase's Lair is located on a mountain within the Land of Nowhere, though this is uncertain.
  • It is the only territory known to be run by Chase Young.


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