Affiliated with: Heylin
Introduced in: The Year of the Green Monkey
Last seen in: Time After Time: Part II
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The Junk-Bots were robots designed by Jack Spicer, either designed to resemble junk, or actually made out of it.


When Jack went to try and collect the Fountain of Hui, which was hidden in a junkyard, he sent the junk-bots to attack the monks. The junk-bots all fused together into one giant junk-bot, and approached the monks to attack, but was held back by its cord. It ultimately pulled its own plug out, and fell motionless, thus defeating itself.[1]

A junk-bot later appears with the other villains for the final battle.


The junk-bots act like most other jack-bots.

Physical appearances

The individual junk-bots resemble different busted appliances and other pieces of trash, including refrigerators, a washing machine, televisions, and tires.

Powers and Weaknesses

The junk-bots have the ability to fuse together into a larger robot. Hiding in the junkyard, they remained undetected by the monks until Jack gave them the order. However, unlike most of Jack's robots, the Junk-Bot relies on a cord for power, severely limiting its mobility, and causing it to be deactivated if the cord is pulled.


The monks mocked the junk-bots more than they do other types of Jack-Bot, commenting that Jack had finally hit rock bottom having to make robots out of trash.

Major Battles


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