Wrong again! I show up at all the battles that I'm certain to lose.

Jack Spicer

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Affiliated with: Heylin
Rank: heylin apprentice
Element: N/A
Signature Weapon: Monkey Staff
Place of origin: Unknown
Introduced in: The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Last seen in: Time After Time: Part 2
Voiced by: Danny Cooksey
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Jack Spicer

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Affiliated with: Heylin
Element: N/A
Signature Weapon: Monkey Spear
Place of origin: Unknown
Introduced in: New Monk on the Block
Voiced by: Eric Bauza
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Jack Spicer is a self-proclaimed 'evil genius' and one of the series’ primary antagonists. He made his first appearance in the debut episode of Xiaolin Showdown, "The Journey of a Thousand Miles" planning world domination and releasing Wuya from her puzzle box. He then joins forces with her to find Shen Gong Wu together in order to further his goals.

He also made his first appearance in the debut episode of Xiaolin Chronicles, "New Monk on the Block" as planning for word domination and releasing Wuya from her puzzle box again. He then joins forces with her to find Shen Gong Wu together in order to further his goals and other evil schemes.


Jack occupied himself by designing, building, and repairing his own robotic soldiers, who often double as his own personal servants. His standard is the Jack-Bot. Despite his genius and technological prowess, he was very clumsy, goofy, and immature, and had little common sense. He often used dated and odd-sounding sayings and phrases and was somewhat eccentric. Despite his frequent defeats, he was often over-confident in his own "genius". Also, aside from one defeat from Katnappe, every time Omi lost a Xiaolin Showdown, it was always against him. Aside from being goofy, immature and absent-minded, Jack was also cantankerous, churlish, whiny, and virtually every character in the series found Jack annoying.

Jack's off-screen parents were exceedingly wealthy, but they often ignored him, sending him money and lavish gifts likely out of guilt for their neglect. Jack is very fearful, paranoid, and neurotic; if he found himself in danger, his (faux) confidence slipped, and he often panicked. Jack also "doesn't do well in enclosed spaces", implying he's claustrophobic, and had an extreme fear of rejection and failure. Despite this, Jack attended nearly every Shen Gong Wu appearance, prepared to battle. When Jack was visiting the Ying-Yang World, he lost his bad chi and emerged as "Good Jack", who was overwhelmingly cheery, self-sacrificing, and idealistic. When the opposite occurs and he lost half of his good chi, his more-evil self was nearly identical to his normal self but was much less whiny and childish. Interestingly, even though he was literally missing half his good side at the time, he couldn't stay a bigger threat to what he thought was the Bird of Paradise than "I'll hurt you until you cry", implying that Jack isn't willing to hurt others to a serious degree, meaning he isn't truly evil.

Jack was not only among the most inept of the monk's enemies but likely the most good-natured as well. Jack occasionally allied with the side of good, albeit usually with a selfish ulterior motive, such as when he rescued the Xiaolin monks from Wuya in Days Past. He made a genuine attempt to turn good in The Apprentice, although ultimately he gave it up and returned to evil. It was suggested that Jack is not a truly evil character, but was siding with the Heylin because of his fear that he would fail at being good, just as he failed at being evil. His motivation for world-domination was to compensate for his own feelings of worthlessness.

Physical Appearance

Jack is tall (roughly Raimundo's height), thin, and extremely pale, with red eyes and spiky red hair. It is unclear if his appearance is due to albinism and red hair dye or due to spending long hours indoors and dressing up like a villain (hair dye, make-up, red contact lenses). He has an oval-shaped face, a pointed nose, a widow's peak hairline, and thick, black eyebrows.

In Xiaolin Chronicles, his eyes were changed to black.

He is in his mid- to late-teens and dresses in a "Gothic/Punk Rock" style, typically wearing a long, black coat with a high collar, black fingerless gloves, black pants, and black boots with bronze clasps. Accessories include his heli-pack and signature yellow spiral goggles. He has black marks under his eyes, probably drawn on with make-up - certainly the scar-like shape under his left eye. This was evident when he cried or was splashed with water; the black markings dripped down to his cheeks or got smudged.

Partnership Lists

Jack had many allies. In chronological order, they are:

Xiaolin Showdown

Xiaolin Chronicles

  • Wuya
  • Tubbimura, Katnappe and Cyclops
  • Chase Young
  • Tiny Sim



Wuya brought Jack into the world of Shen Gong Wu. He gave her very little respect but would usually take her back after a betrayal. First, she wanted to drop Jack for Katnappé. However, Katnappé only wanted the Golden Tiger Claws.[1] Wuya then abandoned Jack after forming Mala Mala Jong. After the Xiaolin defeat

Jack jelous 2

Mala Mala Jong, she attempted to reconcile with Jack, who rejected her.[2] Jack caught her trying to get the Reversing Mirror and taunted her for not having arms to retrieve it herself.[3] Jack turned against Wuya when she became ruler of the world. He sent Omi back in time to get a new puzzle box from Grand Master Dashi.[4] They used the puzzle box to strip away her powers and return her to ghostly form.[5]

After Wuya lost her power, she began working with Katnappé, and Jack started working with Robo-Jack. After both being betrayed, Wuya attempted to reforge her alliance with Jack, but he was not able to trust her.[6] However, they did work together again, initially with the aid of Vlad.[7] Often getting on each other's nerves, the duo quarreled not even related to Shen Gong Wu. For example, in the episode Royal Rumble, the two were arguing about the gathering of Shen Gong Wu, and pudding cups (or lack thereof). However, there are (rare) occasions when they get along well, such as in the episode Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil, where they both laughed at Jack's cousin, Megan, trapped in one of Jack's Bubble Bot's shields; she also compliments him often in the episode Chameleon, for one of his real successes. After the opening in season three, Wuya was off and on helping Jack, merely because she was tired of sitting around in Chase Young's lair. In episodes like: "Oil in the Family", "Omi Town", and "Treasure of the Blind Swordsman", she was helping him (or more likely herself) getting new Shen Gong Wu, or defeating the monks; in the season finale, she was the one standing nearest to Jack, signifying that their old alliance may once more be in effect.

Chase Young

Showdown Chase was Jack's "evil hero." From Chase's debut, he had tried to impress the immortal warrior, often showing heavy senses of envy at Chase's citadel, power, and his jungle cats. At first, Chase accepted the boy genius

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into his lair, helping with his showdown against Master Monk Guan, and generally being a supporter of his evil. Soon Chase became disgusted at Jack's lack of ability and failure to be 'true' evil and refused to acknowledge the boy. He often referred to Jack as "Insect" or "Worm". He often saw Jack as insignificant and otherwise useless. He was one of the first Heylin members to truly hate Jack; never seeing the boy as an ally, but only as a failure. Later on, however, he accepted Jack into his palace with the other villains, saying that in his own idiotic way, he was the one that led Chase to be the ruler of the world. Once the monks made it into his citadel, it was Chase, Evil Omi, and Jack that greeted them, Jack countering every Shen Gong Wu attack with the Reversing Mirror before it could hurt Chase. After this occasion, Chase has never shown any respect for him, even when Jack trapped Chase in the Sphere of Yun, taking control of all of Chase's possessions.


Jack's idolization of Chase is still carried on in Xiaolin Chronicles, with approximately the same results.

Hannibal Roy Bean

Jack's other evil hero, Hannibal Roy Bean, was the personification of pure evil. He was sealed away by Chase Young, who did not wish to compete with Bean for power. He also harbored a slight grudge for having tricked him into drinking the Lao Mang Lone Soup. He was sealed in the Ying-Yang world for 1500 years until Jack stumbled across him. When Jack met Hannibal, he pointed out many of Jack's flaws. When Jack denied it all, Hannibal also said that Jack had the makings of a truly evil villain. It is possible that Hannibal was lying for his own benefit in order to get Jack to release him; regardless, his effort in appealing to Jack's ego appeared to work, as the monks later discovered a dejected Jack Spicer sitting inside of Hannibal's prison and released him. When the monks were exiting the Ying-Yang World (with Jack), they ran into another Jack, Good Jack. They used the Ring of Nine Dragons to reunite Good and Bad Jack, exposing Hannibal, who somehow had gotten a hold of the Moby Morpher, using it to transform into Jack whilst imprisoned and be set free by the monks. Getting off on the wrong foot, Jack and Hannibal never really worked together. Except in the episode ¨Omi Town¨, when Wuya forced Jack to work with her and Hannibal to get rid of Omi. 


Jack first met the Ying-Ying bird in "The Bird of Paradise" when it was disguised as a regular parrot, and thinking it was the Bird of Paradise, he took it home and attempted to interrogate it, which only ended up making Jack scared of the bird because it was repeating all his threats back at him. After he realized that this was apparently just a regular parrot somewhere between that and "Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean", he decided to keep it as a pet. Jack attempted to teach it to pass him his tools, but it kept giving him the wrong ones. The parrot often bit Jack, but Jack still developed a sort of affection towards it, liking the way it repeated what he said, commenting that it is feisty and naming it "Little Jack". The parrot helped Jack steal some Shen Gong Wu, but betrayed him right after, insulted him, and revealed it's true nature as the Ying-Ying bird, transporting Jack to the Ying-Yang world. Jack felt visibly hurt and betrayed by this, commenting how "you can't even trust your bird" and how he'll punish that bird once he finds it. After that, the two have had no special interactions.

Xiaolin Dragons

In season one they were arch-enemies, with Jack appearing in almost every episode as the main foe. In seasons two and three their relationship changes (likely due to Jack's assistance in stopping Wuya at the end of season one) and they treat each other as frienemies. A prime example is in Days Past when Jack rescues and team up with the Dragons to defeat Wuya (and Raimundo) after she became solid again. Later near the end of Citadel of Doom after Wuya was put back in the puzzle box, Omi asked Jack to join their team. Jack declined, stating he was still evil, but suggested that when they were not fighting for the Shen Gong Wu, perhaps they could go out for ice cream. In his own words; "my treat". 

Another example is in The Deep Freeze when after Wuya teamed up with Raksha The Dragons decide to take Jack back to the Temple and give him a place to sleep. In The Apprentice when Jack failed to become Chase Young's apprentice and Robo-Jack locked him out of his house, Omi temporarily convinced Jack to join the monks living at the temple and strive to be a doer of good. While at first Jack seemed enthusiastic about the chance, the episode ended with Jack returning to his evil ways and ultimately abandoning the temple. It was later revealed that one of the main reasons he did this was because he was afraid of failing at good, just as he had failed at evil, and that he really did want and try to be good. 


Jack and omi

Out of all the Xiaolin Dragons, Jack seems the fondest of Omi, perhaps seeing him as a very-annoying-younger-brother type.


Jack and clay

As with all the other Xiaolin Dragons, Jack and Clay are enemies. Clay has called Jack a "varmit", "snake in the grass" and other southern insults on numerous occasions throughout the show, while Jack has himself insulted Clay's mannerisms and way of speaking, once calling him a "simpleton cowboy". In "Days past", when Jack teamed up with the monks, and they were all riding on Dojo, he took Clay's hat and threw up in it because he was nauseous, which upset Clay. In "The Bird of Paradise" Clay begrudgingly saves Jack from falling from a high tree, but simply drops him on a tree branch right after.


Raimundo and Jack have no special relationship aside from being enemies, as they have had next to no

In the Flesh Showdown

special interactions, although it is interesting to note that during a small segment of Raimundo's nightmare in "Dreamstalker", Raimundo is wearing an outfit almost identical to Jack's, signifying that the two have a lot in common despite being on opposite sides.


Tangled Web PreShowdown

In the episode Chameleon, Jack was shown to have a slight crush on Kimiko; flirting with her whilst he had her imprisoned, but the subject was never brought up again. This was either a very short-lived crush, or Jack never brought it up again onscreen due to Kimiko's disgust at the idea. The latter seems more likely, as in Days Past, Jack called Kimiko "baby" in a manner that suggested it was more of a reflexive than a conscious decision.


Jack was a robotic-engineering genius and commands an army of Jack-Bots. He occasionally modified them to have better defenses, new weaponry, or alterations appropriate for the setting. He invents a time machine, although it required the Eye of Dashi for power.[4] He developed a Shen-Gong-Wu-locating sensor, allowing him to find Shen Gong Wu without Wuya's help.

  • High Intellect: As unbelievable as it sounded, in his own idiotic way, Jack's most dangerous weapon was his genius-level intellect. He was easily one of the top mortal minds on the planet as he was able to create hundreds of devices, including a working time machine[8] and a Shen Gong Wu detector. His most frequently used robots were the Jack-Bots, floating robots, equipped with saws, machine guns and any other kinds of weapons.
  • Figure Ice Skating: He had ice-skating lessons that came in handy in an off-screen showdown.
    Jack and the heylin villains

    Jack with the Heylin Villains

  • Flight: The Heli-bot his grandmother gave him was used frequently in this way.
  • Well Connected: As shown in the last episode, he (supposedly) was able to gather nearly every single villain that the monks have ever faced, including Chase Young, who considered Jack incompetent, Hannibal Roy Bean, also considered Jack incompetent, and Wuya as well. This showed that he at least had good enough connections to them to cause every single one of them to launch a full attack on the monks.[9] He is also shown in many episodes to be active on villainous websites, connecting villains worldwide.
  • High Physical Abilities: While not a warrior, he had shown above-average physical attributes in his showdowns and Shen Gong Wu hunts. Without his robotic minions, he was largely defenseless against the trained Xiaolin Warriors. Despite almost constant defeats at the hands of his enemies and rivals from both sides, he remained persistent, arriving at nearly every Shen Gong Wu location.


  • Monkey Staff: His favorite Shen Gong Wu was the Monkey Staff, as he used it more than any other Wu.
  • Jack-Bots: Jack had a wide array of robots called Jack-Bots with different forms, functions, and weapons that he used as his own army.


His earliest success was when he released Wuya from her puzzle box and was the first one person to collect a Shen Gong Wu in fifteen hundred years. One of his greatest achievements was when he created a robot double of Kimiko Tohomiko and made off with all the Shen Gong Wu, except the Mantis Flip Coin. His winning streak continued in when he defeated Omi because Omi had split himself up using the Ring of the Nine Dragons. He did, however, regress to his usual standard after the loss to Omi and Jermaine.

He had some more success later on, where he once again defeated Omi in a showdown for the Hoduku Mouse, in the Earth's core. Nevertheless, this success was cut short by the giant spiders, who were tearing apart the world. His greatest achievement was in the episode "The New Order", where he trapped Chase Young in the Sphere of Yun, getting control of Chase's Jungle Cats, and his lair. In this episode, he antagonized the Xiaolin Monks with the Jungle Cats along with Cyclops. Another success was in the episode The Black Vipers, where he gained control of the Viper Gang by capturing them with his Jack-Bots.

Jack's greatest accomplishment was his eventual domination of the Earth, noted in the episode Time After Time: Part II. Without Omi, the weakened and less-unified monks were unable to stop Jack, after he had managed to upgrade his army of Jack-Bots, from acquiring all the Shen Gong Wu and conquering the world. In this alternate future, Jack was able to defeat and imprison Chase Young, Wuya and Hannibal Bean as well. He kept the Xiaolin Warriors as entertainment for his colosseum and kept the Heylin Warriors in a "torture" chamber (made entirely of embarrassing situations in an attempt to humiliate them in their defeated states). After Omi awakens in this future, Future Jack has the remaining Xiaolin forces eliminated in his Colosseum, though Omi escapes back into the past.

He appears to be the one who assembled all the villains at the end of Time After Time: Part II, signifying that the monk's oldest enemy may also be their most dangerous. Though this may simply have seemed an opportune time for a massive Heylin strike, as the Xiaolin warriors would be recovering from a world-shattering event and could have been more vulnerable to attack.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown Xiaolin Chronicles

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Did You Know...?

  • Xiaolin Showdown
  • Jack holds many similarities with Sun Wukong the Monkey King from the novel "Journey to the West", as both of them are mischevious, Jack's signature weapon is the Monkey staff, while the monkey king also wielded a staff, and both have a close relationship with a bald monk, among other similarities.
  • Jack has the same name as the San Francisco reneissance poet Jack Spicer.
  • Although Wuya had conquered the world two times and was the most powerful being in the universe in her human form, Jack seemed to respect Chase and Hannibal more than her and he even affiliated with the Xiaolin Monks to defeat her.
  • With the exception of The Return of Master Monk Guan, Jack Spicer has appeared in every episode of every season.
  • He expressed a romantic interest in Kimiko in the episode Chameleon, but this is never mentioned again after that episode aside from Jack calling her "baby" once in "Days past".
  • There is evidence to suggest that Jack has red-green colorblindness, which is characterized as a difficulty in distinguishing between reds, greens, browns, and oranges. In "The Apprentice", Wuya states that Jack can't dress himself because he's wearing different colored socks, to which Jack replies, "I just have trouble with my reds and browns".
  • Xiaolin Chronicles
  • As seen in "Laws of Nature", Jack is allergic to liver.


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