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Heylin Members

The Members of the Heylin Side

Heylin was a side composed of antagonists and villains. It was the arch-nemesis of the Xiaolin side and the source of much antagonism in the series. The main goal of the Heylin side was to conquer the world. To those ends, many on the Heylin side sought the Shen Gong Wu as well such as Wuya, thus putting them in frequent conflict with the Xiaolin.

Some on the Heylin side, however, didn't care about the Shen Gong Wu and instead chose to find ways to do evil without them (e.g. Chase Young and Hannibal Roy Bean). Sometimes, this even included turning members of the Xiaolin to the Dark Side (e.g. Omi and Raimundo ).

In contrast to the Xiaolin, who combine elemental magic with their martial arts, the Heylin side used a mixture of martial arts and dark magic, such abilities include: turning people into animals, creating rock creatures and even the making of a special soup that turns the drinker evil.



The Heylin Side in Xiaolin Chronicles


Heylin Witch

This particular rank in the Heylin is most likely to be the highest due to Wuya's almighty powers and the fact that it made her have an immunity to all Shen Gong Wu and Xiaolin Magic, which is shown in the episode "Citadel of Doom." Since Wuya is the only Heylin Witch mentioned or named in the series, it is suggested that this rank is extremely difficult to reach and that Wuya was the only one Heylin Witch at any given time as there is no information given about the Heylin before the first Xiaolin Showdown.

Heylin Demon/Warrior

Not much is known about the Heylin Demons; not a rank as such but, if it was to be, then it would probably be second in the ranks. Hannibal Bean was a notable Heylin Demon, to which he was considered to be one of the most dangerous evil beings in the universe.

Heylin Warrior

This rank is very complex in some aspects; a Heylin Warrior could, in fact, triumph over a Heylin Demon. For instance, when Chase Young imprisoned Hannibal in the Ying-Yang World. However, in Chase Young's case, it is likely that he surpassed this rank. However, it is not stated but it is implied as he showed particular mastery of magic to which stop Wuya from regaining her powers, despite that it shows that, contrary to his skills, the Heylin Witch would be more powerful than him if she regained her powers.

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