Hannibal's Revenge

Featured Shen Gong Wu: Ants in the Pants
Cannon Blaster
Main enemy: Hannibal Roy Bean
Editor: Tim Iverson
Written by: Steve Cuden
Director: Stephen Sandoval
Producer: Christy Hui
Music: Kevin Manthei
Release details
Season: 3
Episode: 11
Overall: 50
Premiere broadcast: May 6, 2006
Premiere network: Kids' WB
Production code: 311
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"Hannibal's Revenge" is the fiftieth episode of Xiaolin Showdown. It was written by Steve Cuden and directed by Stephen Sandoval. It originally aired in the United States on May 6, 2006.


Kimiko uses her PDA, the Mind Reader Conch, Changing Chopsticks and the Eye of Dashi to connect herself to a satellite so that she can read the world's thoughts. Hannibal Bean spies on her and acquires secret information about Chase's weakness by the Heylin Eclipse. Wuya teams up with Hannibal to destroy Chase and steal all the Shen Gong Wu.


The Heylin Eclipse is hanging in the sky. Kimiko defeats Raimundo, Omi and Clay at the same time. She reveals that she used the Changing Chopsticks to shrink the Mind Reader Conch and connect it to her PDA, with that combo, she could read their thoughts before they made their moves. Master Fung's very impressed by this and points out that this may bode well for Kimiko when it comes time to pick an official team leader. Later, Kimiko uses exactly the same combination except with the Eye Of Dashi connected too, she can digitize herself and connect herself to a satellite, giving her the ability to read the minds of everyone in the world. She tests it out on the others and sees their thoughts: Dojo had too many cookies; Clay is juggling pigs; Omi is envisioning himself holding the weight of the world; and Raimundo is winning a soccer game. However, the others notice and give her grief; also Clay adds that juggling livestock is harder than it looks.

Later, Kimiko tests out her device on all evil-doers: Wuya is admiring herself in the mirror, annoying Chase Young; Jack Spicer has created "impenetrable" bubble-bots, though he hurts his toe with an anvil testing the bubble; Hannibal Roy Bean is snuggling beneath the Ying-Ying Bird, saying there is nothing quite as nice as warm bottom feathers. As she breaks the connection, Kimiko comments on her disgust with the last one. Then, Dojo runs up to say that a new Shen Gong Wu reveals itself, but Kimiko already knows that it's the Ants in the Pants. However, Dojo is too ill (from eating too many cookies) to fly, so they take the Silver Manta Ray.

Jack arrives with the other warriors. Jack's new and improved bubble-bots cause Jack to lose the Ants in the Pants to the monks, because they fired inside the bubbles, which ricocheted around until self-destruct. While Wuya and Chase grumble, Hannibal becomes suspicious of how efficient the monks have become. He dispatches the Ying-Yang Bird to spy on the Warriors. Inside the Shen Gong Wu vault, Clay carries the Ants in the Pants while he congrats Kimiko. Kimiko says "thanks, but her device that "The Ying-Ying Bird sees Kimiko use her mind-reading abilities, both see that Chase has called a meeting with his cats explaining that the Heylin Eclipse will severely weaken him, and that they will go in a deep sleep. Kimiko, Omi, Raimundo and Clay try to use this to their advantage to take back some Wu from Chase. Unfortunately, Jack has arrived with a wing of bubble-bots to take them on.

While the Warriors are preoccupied, Hannibal shows what the Ying-Yang Bird saw to Wuya. "So, the mighty Chase Young has a chink in his armor?" Wuya slyly says. Both agree to gang up on Chase. As Jack is left in disgrace with his bubble-bots torn to pieces, and Kimiko sees Chase is getting attacked. Hannibal throws him into a statue, Wuya kicks him on the ground, and Hannibal tries a finishing blow, but Chase holds it back with all his might and gets lucky, narrowly escaping. Hannibal and Wuya steal the Eagle Scope and the Wushan Geyser. Kimiko despairs about her absolute mistake, which Omi does not hesitate to rub in. Master Fung comments that Hannibal and Wuya together might mean the end of the world, and Raimundo says, "Where have I seen that before? Oh yeah. Previously, on Xiaolin Showdown," breaking the fourth wall.

Wuya planning to attack Chase during Heylin Eclipse.png

Raimundo comes up with a plan: since they can't let Chase or Hannibal to beat the other, they have to make sure Jack is the one who wins. So Raimundo, Omi, Kimiko and Clay go to Jack's Lair, which Jack was trapped inside a protective bubble but Omi wakes him up from sleeping then Jack asks the four monks what do you want. Raimundo said he and the other monks surrender. Omi agrees and he says that Jack is the most powerful warrior. Kimiko says that she and the other monks are no match for Jack despite their years of training due to the fact that they are defeated by him which made Jack glad that the monks finally come to their senses. Omi persuades Jack to use his tiger-powers to break through the bubble. Jack punches the bubble, only to hurt his hand, then Clay uses the Fist of Tebigong, and taps the bubble shattering it, making Jack think he did it and Kimiko says that she is very impressed then Raimundo adds and it's not just us, listen to what the others are saying. Kimiko then shows him a video that Raimundo is filming of Omi, Clay and Kimiko pretending to be Wuya, Chase and Hannibal, saying how powerful Jack is. Jack says it is time to make his move. With that the Warriors go for the Cannon Blaster and Omi says that he always wanted to turn into a human cannonball then Raimundo adds that Omi is halfway there. Clay asks where's that no good hombre Spicer when he, Raimundo, Kimiko and Omi see Wuya, Chase and Hannibal. Kimiko says she cannot find Jack, either he's out of range for her PDA, or he's not thinking altogether.

Then Hannibal, Wuya and Chase appear and start taunting each other, (Hannibal says, "I see you brought your kittens to do your fighting" and Chase replies "And I see you brought my housekeeper to do yours") when Jack arrives. Kimiko says they'll jump in when Jack needs their help, and when all the bubble-bots were destroyed (like two seconds later), they jump in. Raimundo used the Golden Finger to stop Hannibal, Chase and Wuya all attacking Jack at once. Kimiko uses the Ruby Of Ramses to lift him up so Chase and Wuya bump against each other. Omi uses the Ants in the Pants to stop Wuya punching Jack. Chase throws Jack a huge boulder; Clay uses the Kuzusu Atom to vaporize the boulder. Hannibal uses the Shroud of Shadows to attack Jack, Chase kicks him towards Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay. Then Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay run to a knocked out Jack Spicer. Omi attempts to wake him up with the Orb Of Tornami but nothing, as he was "cocked" cold.

So Kimiko uses the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman to transform herself into Jack (but only temporarily). She flies using Jack's Heli-Bot. Chase gets pinned by Wuya, but he escapes using the Serpent's Tail. Then Hannibal, Chase and Kimiko all touch the Cannon Blaster. A Xiaolin Showdown Trio is called, with the Mind Reader Conch, Moby Morpher and Serpent's Tail being wagered, and the game is "Last to drop wins." Wuya asks "why are you rooting for Jack" when she, Omi, Raimundo, Clay and Dojo are seeing the showdown. Once the playing field is set, Hannibal and Chase start kicking Kimiko around, but she uses the Mind Reader Conch on Chase and broadcasts his thoughts to Hannibal, saying, "I locked away that foolish vegetable once, I can do it again." Hannibal replies: "You crossed the wrong bean, when you crossed Hannibal Roy Bean!" Kimiko narrowly survives an onslaught of rocks made by Chase and Hannibal, and uses the Mind Reader Conch on Hannibal, saying: "That Chase has girly hair, a real warrior shaves his head, like me." Chase replies: "Hah. You could pour fertilizer on that head and nothing would grow!" Enraged, Hannibal uses the Moby Morpher to grow two extra arms and then Chase and Hannibal go in a big fight. They collide with their fists, emitting black electricity (most likely Heylin power).

They are evenly matched, causing each of them to be repelled backwards into some rock, but when both grab onto the same pillar, Kimiko starts kicking the pillar down, causing both villains to fall. After a big evil farewell, Hannibal flies off, and Chase approaches Kimiko and comments to her (as Jack) that he's not so easily fooled. He smells her and says, "By the way, love the perfume," hinting that he knew it was really Kimiko, but merely walks away afterwards. Wuya then compliments Kimiko and gets sent off.

As Wuya walks off, Kimiko then runs to the Treasure of the Blind Swordsman and reverses her disguise. After that, Jack wakes up and Omi congratulate him on the impressive defeat but Jack falls on top of Omi due to him being sleepy as Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay tiptoeing when they shushes their mouths and Dojo shushes his snout.

Revealed Shen Gong Wu

Ants in the Pants

AntsinthePantsNew.png Main article: Ants in the Pants

The Ants in the Pants is a Shen Gong Wu that when used, unleashes a colony of ants that attack the opponent(s). While the colony is large, it seems to have a limit. It is one of three Shen Gong Wu that release insects and one of four Shen Gong Wu that regard insects. It was on top of a snowy mountain.

Cannon Blaster

CannonBlasterNew.png Main article: Cannon Blaster

The Cannon Blaster is a Shen Gong Wu that turns the user into a cannonball and launches them in any direction. It can turn multiple people as well as animals into cannonballs. It was on a large cliff column.

Shen Gong Wu Tally

Xiaolin Monks

  1. Sun Chi Lantern
  2. Moonstone Locust
  3. Wushu Helmet
  4. Fist of Tebigong
  5. Sword of the Storm
  6. Shard of Lightning
  7. Golden Tiger Claws
  8. Lunar Locket
  9. Longi Kite
  10. Mind Reader Conch
  11. Eye of Dashi
  12. Monarch Wings
  13. Silver Manta Ray
  14. Shadow of Fear
  15. Crouching Cougar
  16. Tangle Web Comb
  17. Falcon's Eye
  18. Star Hanabi
  19. Lotus Twister
  20. Reversing Mirror
  21. Manchurian Musca
  22. Heart of Jong
  23. Mantis Flip Coin
  24. Sphere of Yun
  25. Thorn of Thunderbolt
  26. Monsoon Sandals
  27. Lasso Boa Boa
  28. Silk Spitter
  29. Jetbootsu
  30. Ju-Ju Flytrap
  31. Gills of Hamachi
  32. Third-Arm Sash
  33. Emperor Scorpion
  34. Helmet of Jong
  35. Zing Zom-Bone
  36. Fountain of Hui
  37. Shen-Ga-Roo
  38. Woozy Shooter
  39. Golden Finger
  40. Ring of the Nine Dragons
  41. Tongue of Saiping
  42. Ying Yo-Yo
  43. Yang Yo-Yo
  44. Orb of Tornami
  45. Treasure of the Blind Swordsman
  46. Shimo Staff
  47. Blade of the Nebula
  48. Arrow Sparrow
  49. Big Bang Meteorang
  50. Ruby of Ramses
  51. Rio Reverso
  52. Ruby of Ramses
  53. Fancy Feet
  54. Changing Chopsticks
  55. Mosaic Scale
  56. Sweet Baby Among Us
  57. Tunnel Armadillo
  58. Two-Ton Tunic
  59. Black Beetle
  60. Crystal Glasses
  61. Sapphire Dragon
  62. Shadow Slicer
  63. Kuzusu Atom
  64. Denshi Bunny
  65. Crest of the Condor
  66. Long Horn Taurus
  67. Kaijin Charm
  68. Cat's Eye Draco
  69. Ants in the Pants
  70. Cannon Blaster
  71. Moby Morpher
  72. Serpent's Tail

Jack Spicer

  1. Monkey Staff

Chase Young


Jesse Bailey

  1. Wings of Tinabi

Hannibal Roy Bean

  1. Glove of Jisaku


  1. Shroud of Shadows
  2. Eagle Scope
  3. Wushan Geyser

Lost Shen Gong Wu

  1. Sands of Time (hidden in the future)
  2. Hidoku Mouse (fell in a pit of lava)


  • This episode ends a (slight) running gag of:
  • Omi bringing up the fact that it took Raimundo the longest of the four monks to become an apprentice and how Omi feels that this makes Raimundo an unworthy candidate for certain tasks like keeping an eye on Dojo during the episode Enter the Dragon. It only took Raimundo five episodes later to become an apprentice after Omi, Kimiko and Clay became Xiaolin apprentices.
  • This episode foreshadows the end of Time After Time: Part II when Raimundo becomes the Shoku Warrior and leads Omi, Kimiko and Clay to fight the villains.
  • This is the fourth episode that a character is sleepy after Omi Town (episode), Dream Stalker and Wu Got the Power.
  • Plus, this is the third time that tiptoeing is heard after The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back and Wu Got the Power.
  • Raimundo is the second person to tap Omi's head during this episode and The Apprentice after Jack Spicer during the episode In the Flesh.
  • This is the fifth episode that has showdown trio after The Shard of Lightning, Pandatown and Treasure of the Blind Swordsman (episode).
  • When Raimundo says Golden Finger at the near of the end of the episode references In the Flesh when he said Serpent's Tail at the near end of the epsode because Wuya told him use it.
  • This is the third episode that Jack teams up alongside Omi, Kimiko, Clay and Dojo after Days Past and Citadel of Doom when Wuya and Raimundo are ruling the world.
  • Plus, this is the first episode that Raimundo and Jack team up.
  • This is the second time that a monk hacks into an item after Chameleon.
  • This is the second episode a soccer game has been shown after Finding Omi.
  • This is the second time that a villain knows where another villain keeps their Shen Gong Wu after The Apprentice. Plus, this is the second episode that a teenage boy says "surrender" after Citadel of Doom.
  • When Dojo puts his hand on his head during the episode to whack the Shen Gong Wu out is similar to the way Raimundo tried to whack Hannibal Roy Bean out of his head during the episode Dream Stalker.
  • The way Kimiko is disgusted after she turned temporarily into Jack is similar to the way Raimundo shook his body at the end of the episode The Last Temptation of Raimundo. Plus, Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay will shake their bodies at the near of the episode Time After Time: Part II.
  • Both of Clay's eyes are shown for the first time.
  • When Kimiko aquires the Cannon Blaster when it lands into her hand after Hannibal Roy Bean and Chase Young fall to the ground at the near end of the episode is similar to the way Raimundo aquired the Serpent's Tail back after it landed into his hand during the episode In the Flesh.


Last to Fall

Type: Showdown Trio
Competitors: Kimiko, Chase Young, Hannibal Roy Bean
Wagered: Mind Reader Conch, Serpent's Tail, Moby Morpher
Prize: Cannon Blaster
Outcome: Kimiko wins
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Last to Fall


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