Golden Tiger Claws

Type: Transportation
Location found: Below the Chinese Palace
Introduced in: Tangled Web
Last seen in: Time After Time: Part I
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The Golden Tiger Claws were a Shen Gong Wu that granted the beholder instant transportation.


The claws were worn like a glove, consisting of three, long, gold claws attached to a wooden sleeve that goes around the wrist.


The Golden Tiger Claws were a Shen Gong Wu that allowed the user to transport between two places instantly by ripping a hole in space that the holder could jump into, coming out of another hole in a place of their choice within seconds.


Kimiko and Jack competed in a showdown for them with Kimiko coming out victorious. However the claws were soon lost by Omi in a Xiaolin Showdown against Katnappe. After Katnappé robbed several stores, Omi stole them, and he hid them in the center of the earth's crust to prevent anyone from using the Shen Gong Wu again which annoyed Katnappé.

To defeat Mala Mala Jong, Omi used the Serpent's Tail to travel through the earth's crust to retrieve the Golden Tiger Claws. He then used them to take the Heart of Jong to defeat the demon.

Raimundo stole the Golden Tiger Claws to return to his hometown of Brazil because of Omi motivated him out of the Xiaolin Temple. Raimundo puts the Shen Gong Wu on his hand when he warns Wuya to stay away from him but she tells him that she can't harm him. Raimundo also used it to return to the temple to search for the Reversing Mirror alongside Omi, Kimiko, Clay and Dojo at a lighthouse. Raimundo used it to win the Reversing Mirror in a showdown against Jack Spicer in Flashlight "Tag" then Raimundo used it to leave alongside Wuya when he joins her on the Heylin side. Raimundo used to return to Wuya after he successfully steals the Serpent's Tail from the Xiaolin Temple's Shen Gong Wu vault. Plus, Raimundo used it to disappear because Wuya told him that Kimiko, Omi, Clay and Dojo are making a buffoon out of him when his former friends are playing keep away with the Serpent's Tail to prevent him from using it. Raimundo also used it to reappear behind Clay, kicking him to the ground before stepping out of the hole. Raimundo also used the Golden Tiger Claws at the beginning of Days Past to ask his former friends to beg for mercy and he is the only one that can save them.

The Golden Tiger Claws was among the Shen Gong Wu stolen by Jack Spicer along with Robo Jack using the Shard of Lightning. but the monks got it back shortly after that since the Golden Tiger Claws were not seen among the Shen Gong Wu that Jack traded to PandaBubba for exchange for robot parts.

Omi used the Golden Tiger Claws to find Chase Young for answers on how to defeat Sibini.

Raimundo would later use it during the Heylin Comet to return to his home town to stop an eruption.

Episode Appearances

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Season 2

Season 3


Xiaolin Showdown
  • Xiaolin (103: "Tangled Web" - 104: "Katnappe!")
  • Katnappe (Heylin) (104: "Katnappe!")
  • None (104: "Katnappe!" - 112: "Mala Mala Jong")
  • Xiaolin (112: "Mala Mala Jong" - 113: "In the Flesh")
  • Raimundo (Heylin) (113: "In the Flesh" - 202: "Citadel of Doom)
  • Xiaolin (202: "Citadel of Doom" - 215: "The Black Vipers")
  • Jessie (215: "The Black Vipers")
  • Xiaolin (215: "The Black Vipers" - 218: "The Last Temptation of Raimundo")
  • Raimundo (Controlling his right hand) (218: "The Last Temptation of Raimundo")
  • Xiaolin (218: "The Last Temptation of Raimundo" - 224: "Dangerous Minds")
  • Jack Spicer (224: "Dangerous Minds")
  • Xiaolin (224: "Dangerous Minds" - 313: "Time After Time: Part II")

Did you know

Raimundo Pedrosa grabbed this Shen Gong Wu from the pile that included the Serpent's Tail, Star Hanabi, Sword of the Storm and Orb of Tornami because Omi motivated him to head back to Rio De Janeiro then he kept it the entire episode of In the Flesh, Days Past and Citadel of Doom when he betrays his friends and his teacher to join Wuya on the Heylin side until he redeemed himself at the near end of Citadel of Doom and returned to the Xiaolin side.

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