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A junkyard
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The Year of the Green Monkey
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Finding Omi

The Fountain of Hui was a Shen Gong Wu that contained all the knowledge of the universe, which it dispended to its user at random. With its sister Shen Gong Wu, the Eagle Scope, the user would get the specific information he or she needed.


The Fountain of Hui was a fountain that seemed to always sparkle and had 3 prongs sticking upwards with a black ring interior surrounded by blue gemstones and smaller prongs on the outside. When activated, the outer prongs extended and created an energy field from which the user would obtain his or her knowledge.


When this Shen Gong Wu was activated, it provided the user with unlimited knowledge but as Master Fung stated, it provided only random knowledge. However, when it was used in conjunction with the Eagle Scope, it could unlock the greatest secrets of the universe.

When combined with the Reversing Mirror it will give the user the knowledge opposite of they are looking for. For example someone looking for a way to destroy all evil would instead find a way to destroy all good.


It was first used and revealed when the Dragons retrieved it from a junkyard. When the Xiaolin Temple was taken over by Jack Spicer and the green monkeys, Omi used the fountain to see if he could find out the way to stop them. This resulted in Omi getting an information overload and continuously blurting out random facts.

Later, Chase Young and Omi used the Fountain of Hui and the Eagle Scope combined with the agreement to only find out how to stop the giant spiders. Afterwards, however, Omi revealed that he may have "peeked" at the secret of destroying evil (it was later revealed that what Omi actually saw was the secret to destroying good due to the effect of the reversing mirror).

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Showdown

Season 2

Season 3


Xiaolin Showdown
  • Xiaolin (219: "The Year of the Green Monkey" - 312: "Time After Time: Part I")
  • Jack Spicer (Alternate Future) (312: "Time After Time: Part I")
  • Hannibal Roy Bean (Alternate Present) (313: "Time After Time: Part II")
  • Xiaolin (313: "Time After Time: Part II")

Did You Know...

  • This Shen Gong Wu was named after the creator of the show Christy Hui

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