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The Xiaolinpedia Meditaion Hall is for community discussion and discussion for major improvements, and is open to all community members. Feel free to discuss:

  • Changes that will affect the entire wiki
  • Changes that impact many articles or large sections of the wiki
  • Proposals for policy and guideline changes
  • Major issues or problems with the wiki
  • Anything else that the whole community needs input on

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Removing "Custom preload pagename" option from editing sidebar15:54, 24 November 2012

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Removal of comments13:03, 30 November 2012
Projects05:41, 30 November 2012
Removing "Custom preload pagename" option from editing sidebar15:54, 24 November 2012
Episode Appearances00:35, 23 November 2012
Adding Answers activity to Rail00:26, 23 November 2012
Tense format00:25, 23 November 2012
Various rules00:13, 23 November 2012
Forum time limit00:13, 23 November 2012
Adding an Ask bar to Community Corner00:13, 23 November 2012
Foreign Xiaolinpedia00:13, 23 November 2012
Adding a Major events tab03:58, 17 November 2012
Rhythm Heaven Affiliation22:56, 3 October 2012
Bot for Yamichidori103:18, 24 September 2012
Samurai Champloo Affiliation04:23, 22 September 2012
Modifying Wikipedia template20:41, 21 September 2012
Expanding Blog Policy03:17, 20 September 2012
Removing DragonKnight99 from the administrative team02:38, 18 September 2012
Wiki's transparency17:26, 15 September 2012
Modifying the Showdown Template23:30, 10 September 2012
Merging with Xiaolin Showdown Wiki21:52, 6 September 2012
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