Affiliated with: Jack Spicer
Introduced in: New Monk on the Block
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F-Bot was a Jack-Bot that Jack Spicer created to serve as his personal chef.



The F-Bot was Jack's personal chef-robot. Jack never appreciated its work, although he was trying to make the best food. Jack sold F-Bot to PandaBubba, but after he defeated him, he took the robot back.

Later Jack was trying to take the last "ingredient" to one of the F-Bot's recipes, by stealing an ancient creature that Chase owned. When Jack saw Chase, he wanted to ally with him, so he gave him the F-Bot. Some time later, the F-Bot became famous, as he was seen on television.


The F-Bot was good-hearted, persistent and he liked to work hard. Although Jack never appreciated his job, it was always happy and smiley to him.

Physical Appearance

The F-Bot was a bronze robot with red eyes and the hat of a chef. One of his hands was a spatula.

Powers and Weaknesses


The F-Bot was an experienced chef able to cook a vast variety of food from all over the world. After Jack sold him to Chase he became famous and even appeared on television.


Jack Spicer

Jack never appreciated F-Bot's work and, although he was making him the most expensive and good food from all over the world. The F-Bot, however, was willing to stay with Jack and he did not mind about Jack not liking his food. Jack successfully sold F-bot twice: once to PandaBubba and once to Chase.

Episode Appearances

Xiaolin Chronicles


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